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12 Common House Plants for Indian Homes: Freshen Up your Space

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Keeping plants at your house- both indoor and outdoor – makes the space more calm, fresh and lively. Other than that, it boosts your mood and productivity as well. Green plants or flower vases not only bring colour and life into your room but also reduce stress levels. Because of the countless benefits of plants at home, we bring a list of the common house plants in India so you can choose your new best friends!

Some people have children, some people have pets, and some people have house plants. Not only are they less effort, but they are pocket-friendly, with the bonus of being healthy for your mind and body as well.

Some common indoor plants in India are scientifically beneficial and Vaastu & Feng Shui compliant mediums for de-stressing yourself, controlling anxiety, bringing positivity, and improving productivity.  So, if you want to bring positivity into your home, read on about all the different common house plants according to your space.

Most of these common House plants are for indoor nurturing. As the name suggests, indoor plants are for inside the home, for your home balcony design, for windows, etc whereas outdoor plants are for gardens, lawns, etc.

What are some Common House Plants for Indian Homes?

There are a lot of perks of keeping common indoor plants in India at home but the ones we decide to keep at home should be chosen after careful consideration of their care requirements. India is the seventh-largest country in the world and has an extensive variation in climate conditions. Given such a diverse climate and topography, types of common house plants need to be taken care of differently for their growth and survival.

So, in this list, you will find diverse and the best indoor plants for oxygen in india that are the ideal decor for your house.

12 Best Indian Indoor Plants to Keep at Home

Indian houses love plants. Traditionally, the outdoor common house plants ruled the garden and window sills. But indoor ones bring some benefits with them right in front of you! To restore a balance to your home’s energy, there are certain plants that you can consider bringing home.

So, let’s dive in!

1. Areca Palm Indoor Plant

Areca Palm can be used for both indoor and outdoor home gardening. These are some common house plants that need little attention and care for growth and tend to grow up to seven ft indoor and much higher outside. The areca palm indoor plant is among the easy-growing plants at home.

The plant grows into a lush shrub with bright and thin green fonds. These plants look beautiful inside the home. Typically, in Indian homes, you will find the Areca palm indoor plant in the corners of common rooms because of their size. They are big and lush green and add an important decor touch to the space.

How to care for the Areca Palm

Soil: Choose acidic soil that helps drain the water properly. You can also mix it up with a portion of the builder’s sand. This way, it will not become clay-like.

Light: Areca palm lives in low-light conditions. So, you can choose a spot that has partial natural sunlight.

Water: Don’t let water sit in it or else roots can rot easily. Plus, you can use drinkable water so it doesn’t develop freckles on the leaves!

2. Snake Plant

Snake Plant - easy growing plants at home

Doesn’t the image say it all? Yes, one of the easy growing common house plants at home is the snake plant. They are your best plant buddy because these are easy to grow, green & yellow tinge on leaves add colours to your home.

You can add these types of plants as their look has a modern appeal. Being one of the easy growing plants at home, the snake plant adds an effortless beauty to any space!

The plant minimizes carbon dioxide and chemical presence in the indoor air and improves oxygen levels at home. You can place it in your bedroom or include it as one of the elements in your list of small bathroom decor ideas and it will adjust perfectly. Hence, this is one of the most popular and common indoor plants in India.

How to care for snake plants

Soil: They can easily thrive in poor soil conditions so soil maintenance is not a problem at all.

Light: It can grow under any natural lighting: both low and bright.

Water: No need to water the snake plant every day in summer. That’s because the roots can turn rotten quickly. In winter, you can water once every 2 months.

3. Aloe Vera plant for home

You already know the benefits of an aloe vera plant for home. Yes, it’s not just the decor but feeds your skin with nutrients as well. And no doubt why it is one of the common house plants in India!

The aloe vera is an excellent indoor plant for medicinal purposes, especially for detoxification, and toxins absorption. It is the most sought-after medicinal plant for health care and skincare products.

The aloe vera plant for home is one of the best Indian indoor plants for your home, as the ayurvedic plant absorbs toxins from cleaning products, fuel, paints, woods, etc.

How to care for an aloe vera plant

Soil: You can bring home cacti and succulent mixed soil so maximum water drains out. Use terracotta pots because they are porous and help drain water easily.

Light: Always place aloe vera under bright sunlight.

Water: It’s similar to a cactus. So, please refrain from watering the plant every day. You can water them every 3 days in summer and in more intervals in winter.

4. Ferns

cute indoor plants to keep at home

Ferns are common house plants to decorate dull or lonely nooks and corners of your home. If there is an unused space in the house and you want to decorate it, bring ferns and bring the space to life. They are one of the oldest and hence the best Indian indoor plants thanks to their lush green bunch.

Ferns have a special ability to purify the air. These small plants for home are eccentrically beautiful and need regular watering with the right amount of sunlight. You should know that they do not bear flowers or seeds. However, they are the best indoor plants for oxygen in india.

How to care for ferns

Soil: Choose soil for ferns that have high organic content as it needs a moist base to grow.

Light: It thrives in low light so choose an area that has partial sunlight peeking in!

Water: It is tricky. Water moderately. Not too much. Not too less.

5. Monstera

Easy Growing Plants at Home

Monstera Deliciosa grows better in a humid, warm environment. As the name indicates, these monstrous plants can grow very large, therefore they’re ideal for your small balcony design or garden as well. Plus, they are the best indoor plants for oxygen in India and you can definitely go for it.

Monstera also purifies the air. However, the leaves could build up dirt and wax, so it is recommended that their plant care also involves cleaning their leaves every few weeks. The monstera is one of the common house plants and is ideal for anyone living in predominantly humid regions of India.

How to care for monstera

Light: It can live under low-light conditions. However, the growth may be slow. So, you can place it somewhere where it can get indirect sunlight.

Water: Choose a soil that drains water well. Use a porous pot.

6. Money plant

Must-haves plants to keep at home

Yes, we too wish it bore money. But there are multiple beliefs of good luck to bring in a money plant at home.

Vaastu suggests that the Money plant is one of the common house plants used by crores of Indian households. There is a strong belief that money plants bring luck and prosperity. Maybe the luck is in the investment needed for this plant’s care- almost none! 

Money plants can adjust to almost all types of climate and topographical situations. You can decorate your window ceilings, balcony railings, etc with these beautiful heart-shaped leafy plants.

How to care for money plant

Soil: Needs soil that drains water well.

Light: It can thrive in low-light.

Water: Water only once a week.

7. Anthurium

Best plants to keep at home

Anthurium or Lily plant is one of the best plants to keep at home because it reduces ammonia and xylene from indoor air and makes it purer to breathe. The plants are unique, with a bright bloom of flowers, mostly in red. The plants are ideal to be housed in Indian-themed or Boho-themed rustic homes.

So, if you want to add beautiful colour to your natural decors, flamingo flowers can be your top pick. Its mild pink and orange mix makes for the perfect aesthetic essence!

How to care for anthurium

Soil: Choose soil that has high organic content.

Light: Needs lower sunlight than most of the other common house plants in India.

Water: In dry weather, water it every 2 days. In humid areas, once every week will do!

8. Peace Lily

Peace Lily - best indian indoor plants

Peace lilies are great decor for study tables or coffee tables thanks to their small size. Also, they exude a refreshing fragrance and a sense of peace and quiet and hence are a great addition to the study room!

Another addition to light up any dull space in the home is the Peace lily. It is a dark green plant with a great positive aura for your home and family. This is one of the small plants for home with multiple benefits and value addition to the decor at home.

These common house plants can be used for decorative purposes and their air-purifying nature.

How to care for peace lilies

Soil: Choose moist soil.

Light: Keep in shade as it needs little sunlight.

Water: Only water when the soil goes dry. Once a week would be perfect.

9. Warneck Dracaena

Talking about indoor plants, here’s one that is almost maintenance-free and thrives in any condition! One of the most common house plants is the Warneck. It has a special ability to cleanse the air at home and rid the space of pollutants like toluene.

You may find it in most Indian houses as they grow in any circumstances! Be it low light or bright sunlight! You might as well neglect it, but it will grow to its best potential.

How to care for Warneck Dracaena

Soil: You can use potting soil that does not have fertilizers in it.

Light: The Warneck thrives in any condition. So you may place it as you like according to the space available in your home.

Water: You can water when the soil seems dry. Also, you can spray water on leaves as mists.

10. Heart leaf Philodendron

The green leaves of the Philodendron is an essence in itself! You can add it to your study desk or on top of your kitchen counter. It creates a soothing aesthetic to any room you bring it to. Plus, if you love hanging plants, the philodendron is a great match. So, now, you can make your balcony decor more vibrant!

Moreover, it has plenty of other benefits for your house as well. Even if you neglect to care about it, the plant will still thrive strong. It has a special ability to detox the air of your room and leaves behind a fresh ambience. Also, it is impossible to kill it.

And that is why it is one of the most common house plants in Indian households that love decorating with plants.

How to care for Philodendron

Soil: Choose moist soil types with high organic content.

Light: It requires medium to bright sunlight to thrive.

Water: You only need to water it in order to keep the plant moist. Try not to make it soggy. If the leaves turn brown, the water intake is less and if it turns yellow, it means that water intake was high.

11. Green Spider Plant

Here’s another top pick that won’t need your attention at all. The green spider plants can mostly take care of themselves. Their green spikey leaves make a contrast both in colour and in structure. You can place them on your kitchen countertops or use them as your balcony hanging plants.

So, if you’re thinking to bring home a plant for the first time, you can start with the green spider as it requires little to no maintenance. This way, you wouldn’t even have the fear that it would die due to lack of attention.

How to care for the green spider plant

Soil: Choose a soil that has a good potting mix.

Light: Do not place under direct sunlight. But every other lighting will work.

Water: You can water once every day. And in winters, only water when the soil is dry.

12. Weeping Fig

The weeping fig has an elegant appearance thanks to its straight growth and the lush dark green leaves. It is one of the most beautiful plants to keep at home, especially in the corners of your living room. You can be creative with the pot color and make the green leaves take the center stage!

Moreover, with beauty and style, the weeping fig can also withstand any living condition. From low-light to bright light, a weeping fig is can take it all. Plus, it cleanses your house from toxins and pollutants.

How to care for weeping fig

Soil: You can choose any soil that allows for proper draining.

Light: The weeping fig can thrive in low-light as well as in bright light.

Water: Once every day in summers and with 2-3 days interval in winters.

Outdoor House Plants

Garden or Outdoor House Plants are the best company to spend time in peace. You can do meditation, Yoga in the lap of nature just outside of your home. Grow the habit of gardening as a pastime, plan some trees and plants, water them regularly, nurture them, these common house plants will fill you with energy, positivity, and improve productivity.

Common house plants for Outdoor Garden

Some common outdoor plants are Plumbago, Fountain Grass, Tasman Flax-Lily, Lilyturf, Pandanus, Iresene, Portulaca, Asystasia Gangetica, and others.

Though there are hundreds of common house plants across India and the world that can be grown indoors and outdoors, the above-mentioned species are the most used and tested home plants for positivity and psychological impact on your nervous system.

Carefully choose your home plants, use them to decorate, nurture them. Taking care of them, if not just the sight of them can be very therapeutic. Refer to the passage and select houseplants that fit in your space and suit your aesthetic sense. Don’t forget to check out our guide on the best plants for bedroom.

Common House Plants

Frequently Asked Questions on Common House Plants in India

How do you preserve house plants?

To preserve house plants is the trickiest part. Every one thinks it’s just easy. Water them every day without fail, and you’re set. But that’s far from the truth. Each and every plant has its own unique thriving style. Here is what you can do to preserve indoor house plants:

  • Understand the plant and its natural growth needs
  • Choose the correct soil
  • Pick a good pot for it
  • Understand how much watering it needs
  • Keep pets away
  • Store at an ideal temperature for that plant

What is the easiest house plant to take care of?

The top 3 easy growing plants at home that do not need much maintenance are:

  • Monstera
  • Spider plant
  • Philodendron

They don’t require much of your attention and hence are at almost every plant lovers houses!

Which plants are good for bedroom in India?

For the bedroom you can choose some peaceful colourful plants. Those plants would help you maintain a calm and tranquil environment and more:

  • Peace lily
  • Snake plant
  • Boston fern
  • Lavender

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