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The Plant Cure: A Simple Way To Rejuvenate Your Home

Benefits of Plants at Home

All too often we’re consumed by our worries and anxieties. We have a thousand thoughts racing through our minds at any given moment. Never-ending to-do lists lament over not having enough time to complete them, anxieties of what the future will hold… the list goes on. We sometimes believe, wrongly, that progress on one front alone determines our worth and if we’re not achieving the kind of success we’ve chalked out against a deadline, we’re not doing well at life at all. 

On such occasions, it helps to have a passion project that gives us a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, and purpose. Plants have been known to bring happiness, equanimity and a sense of stillness to our lives. Intuitively, we enjoy spending time outdoors surrounded by greenery. It makes us feel at ease, refreshed and rejuvenated. 

In these times, when we’re stuck indoors, we have an opportunity to build ourselves a small patch of green, a haven, our very own miniature retreat. All it takes is nurturing a few plants. 

Allow us to recommend candidates for your sanctuary: 

  • The Snake Plant 

A tough survivor, the snake plant is great for your first plant if at all you’re daunted at the prospect of taking care of a living being. They thrive in sunlight, so try to pick a bright and sunny spot though they are known to grow in lower light areas as well. They’re excellent at purifying the air around them, so you will breathe easy when you’re hanging around it. 

  • ZZ plant

If you have a home that does not have too much exposure to sunlight, we suggest the Zamioculcas zamiifolia. It requires minimum maintenance and not too much sunlight. You could get by watering it around thrice a month. It isn’t one to attract too many bugs, so you can heave a sigh of relief. 

  • Pathos or The Money Plant

The money plant is like a creeper and doesn’t even need a pot. You can fill up a bowl with water, find a cutting of a plant and soak it in the bowl to grow. It clears away toxins and falls beautifully across any surface.

  • Aloe Vera

Best kept a window sill, this plant will provide you with numerous benefits. It instantly cools down burns and scrapes. It’s great for your skin too. While it needs to be watered regularly, it does not require daily care, so you could take off for a few days and still come back to a fresh and healthy plant. 

  • Rubber Plants

Rubber plants are known to be great air purifiers. Most people keep the plant in their living rooms, for a breath of fresh air. They only require to be watered when the soil is dry and thrive in a space that is bright but receives indirect sunlight.

Growing and taking care of plants gives us a sense of purpose and the process of caring for them distracts us from our anxieties and daily troubles. Watching them grow is rewarding, especially when you see them bloom and thrive. Instilling nature at the home has a calming effect, uplifting your mood and eventually making you healthier and happier. The fact that they soak up carbon dioxide around in our polluted cities, of course, is a bonus. 

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