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Why Wakefit’s Sheesham Wood Bed Could Be Your Best Investment in 2021

Sheesham wood bed

Since its inception, Wakefit has been a popular choice for mattresses. People have loved both our mattresses for its quality, comfort, and durability. Time and again, they have been pleasantly surprised at the price at which we have delivered quality products. We have never compromised on the quality and instead have cut off intermediaries in order to ensure everyone gets the best sleep because we believe every single person deserves it.

We have adopted the same strategy for our ergonomically designed Sheesham wood bed. We deliver superior quality Sheesham wood beds at a price that will leave you happier than it found you!

Sheesham wood bed

How is a Wakefit Sheesham Bed Made? 

A magician never shares their tricks, but we have decided to let you in on how we make a Sheesham wood bed at Wakefit. Here are the steps that are followed: 

Step 1: 

We source authentic Sheesham wood or Indian rosewood from different parts of the country, mainly Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan. The procured Sheesham wood planks are then dried, a process is known as a seasoning and subsequently treated to make them warp- and bug-resistant.

Step 2: 

The seasoned and treated wooden planks are shaped into required parts using processes, such as planing, finger-jointing, etc. 

Step 3: 

In the third step, the parts go through processes like sanding, sealing and polishing, in order to give them the desired finish. 

Step 4:

Finally, the finished parts are assembled together, go through a quality check, and are packed to dispatch so that you can welcome home good sleep.

Why is our Sheesham wood bed better than other wood beds?

Sheesham wood bed

1. Stability 

Our Sheesham wood bed is a robust wood bed. Because of this, it improves the support that is offered to your body when you sleep. The sturdiness of a bed also plays an important role in allowing the mattress to do its job, which means a robust bed ensures that your orthopedic mattress provides your body with the support and comfort it promises you.  

2. Durability

With our Sheesham wood bed, you have assured a durable bed design. This is why wood beds last generations! This is why Wakefit offers a manufacturer warranty of three years on its Sheesham wood beds. 

3. Easy maintenance

Our Sheesham wood bed will give you the best support and quality comfort, however, it will expect very little in return. Maintaining our wood bed means using a clean piece of dry cloth to dust it every now and then. Yes, that’s it! 

Be careful not to use abrasive solutions or scrubbing the wood bed because it will mess up the polish and by doing so the overall quality of the bed. 

4. Aesthetic 

The grains on our Sheesham wood bed give it the ultimate look, making it a timeless piece and the centre of attraction in any bedroom. This is true for all sheesham wood furniture. 

Wakefit’s Sheesham Wood Beds


Bed material

Sheesham solid wood frame
Support material MDF Board
Warranty 3 years manufacturer warranty
Assembly DIY, simple self-assembly required
Storage With or without storage
Sizes available  

King size, queen size, single

Whether you are looking for a sheesham wood king size bed with storage or one without, whether you want a queen size or a single size Sheesham wood bed online, Wakefit is your one-stop destination
 to buy Sheesham bed

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