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Think outside the box when choosing a gift this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is round the corner, and we are sure you are scouting the perfect gift for your beau. While the internet will throw at you suggestions that have been around since Adam and Eve, here is a gifting list with the freshest home decoration suggestions!

Wakefit’s Valentine’s Day gifts

  • Scented candle gift basket vs Comforter 

Wakefit Single Siliconised Microfibre Reversible Comforter

Scented candles help your loved one create an ambience of calm, and remind them of you whenever they light it. But do you know about its many dangers? The obvious ones include the fact that they involve fire, something that’s best not played with as it can be a big hazard in a modern-day apartment. The other, more covert danger, are the VOCs emitted by these candles which can cause headaches, allergies and many other respiration-related health issues. 

Can we recommend an alternative? If your intention is to make your partner comfortable before they call it a day, we would suggest going for a comforter. 

Wakefit’s reversible comforters are designed with great care. We focus on comfort as well as aesthetic equally while creating our comforters. The spun polyester we use for our external covering gives the comforters the softness that will remind your beau of you each time they wrap themselves in it while sleeping. If you aren’t there to give your special person a hug, our comforter will do it for you! 

The advantages of gifting Wakefit’s comforter include:

  • It is reversible, so your loved one can use it on both sides
  • It is machine-washable, which means hygiene and freshness can be maintained without breaking a sweat  
  • It will last way longer than the candles
  • It comes at a special price, only INR 805

Wakefit Single Siliconised Microfibre Reversible Comforter

  • Diamond necklace vs Neck pillow  

Wakefit neck pillow

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend they say, and so most people tend to go for this when buying a valentine’s day present. It is a great present for sure; however, while diamonds only adorn an already gorgeous neck, a neck pillow could support it and in doing so take care of that delicate thing. 

Wakefit’s travel neck pillow with one free eye mask could be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the love of your life. If they are a travel enthusiast, then this gift will ensure that they rest well no matter which corner of the world they are in and that they think of you each time they use it.   

Wakefit neck pillow

The advantages of gifting Wakefit’s neck pillow include: 

  • It comes with an eye mask and adjustable strap
  • It has a one year manufacturer warranty
  • It is made of moulded memory foam and a fabric that is soft to touch 
  • It comes at a special price of only INR 676 
  • A expensive box of chocolates vs Ergonomic chair 

chair one

A box of expensive and rare chocolates seems like the perfect present for VDay. With its sweetness, it is sure to warm your beau’s heart. But is it really the ideal gift that says I care about your health? We don’t think so! Instead why not invest in something that will have your loved one’s back while they are hard at work? We recommend an ergonomically designed chair. 


The advantages of gifting Wakefit’s ergonomic office chairs include: 

  • It comes with supportive backrest and headrest
  • It has a one year manufacturer warranty
  • It has a synchro-tilt mechanism, with a seat/back tilting ratio of 1:3 
  • It comes at a special price of only INR 7056 (For Wakefit Virgo) 

You can also have a look at Wakefit’s back pillow to complement the ergonomic chair. 

  • Fancy dinner vs Comfy sofa 


You might be thinking it is an odd comparison, one between a fancy dinner at a restaurant and a sofa set. But we have thought this through! 

The whole reason why we pick a good restaurant on VDay, apart from the food, is the ambience. And you pay for it too, and most of the time, quite heavily. But what if you order that food, create that ambience at home with the cosiest sofa where you both can lounge, and have a better time instead? You know what’s the best part? You get to keep the sofa set and its cosiness even after Valentine’s Day is long gone.

P.S: With the right sofa cushion set, it will soon become the statement furniture in the room! You can also go for a center table for the living room. How about a wood coffee table? We think they’d match perfectly, just like the two of you!

The advantages of gifting Wakefit’s sofa set include: 

  • It is an ergonomic design that looks after your loved one’s posture as they relax
  • It has three years manufacturer warranty
  • It is a comfortable, plush and attractive piece of furniture that will last way longer than the memory of a fancy dinner
  • It comes at a special price, only INR 14175 (for a one seater)
  • Holiday vs Bookshelf


Getting your lover a vacation of their dreams is undoubtedly one of the most romantic gestures. However, considering that we currently live with a pandemic outside, maybe it would be a way better option to travel through books. 


If your beau is an avid book reader, may we suggest a sturdy but sleek bookshelf for them? It is sure to turn into one of their favourite living room accessories in no time. 

Here are some of the advantages of gifting a Wakefit’s bookshelf to your loved one this Valentine’s Day: 

  • It is created with best quality engineered wood
  • It has one year manufacturer warranty
  • It is Installed by carpenters at the time of delivery, free of cost
  • It comes at a special price, only INR 3050 (for Wakefit Prose bookshelf)

You can leisurely browse through our products to find more home decoration furniture that you can gift this Valentine’s Day. 

You can also have a look at Wakefit’s gift cards that you can send with your gift.

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