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Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep – Wakefit

When we talk about factors that affect our sleep, we usually mention stress, health-related issues, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and substance abuse. While these are all valid causes, there is one equally significant factor for healthy sleep that is generally ignored: The mattress!

An uncomfortable mattress affects sleep. It causes sleep deprivation in most people. But it isn’t among the usual suspects, and therefore goes undetected, and finally, unchanged. To correct this, the first thing is to identify how a mattress can affect your sleep.

That’s exactly what we will do in today’s post. We will look at some major ways in which a bad mattress can cause sleep deprivation and ill health in the sleeper. 

Ways a mattress affects sleep

Here are all the ways a bad mattress can ruin your sleep: 

  • Not have your back 

A poorly designed mattress will not maintain the natural alignment of your spine. As a result, your spine will be bent in an unnatural way during sleep causing postural defects and back pain. 

  • Make you anxious

A mattress that does not uniformly distribute your body weight, will in fact cause restlessness in you. The formation of blood clots is also likely. 

  • Disturb your sleep 

By failing to provide motion isolation, a bad mattress will disturb your sleep since it will not absorb the motion of your partner and isolate it. Instead, the mattress will circulate the absorbed motion through the mattress, hence jostling you out of your sleep. 

  • Aggravate allergies 

A mattress which is not hypoallergenic, can aggravate the sleepers skin conditions, such as acne, rashes, etc. also. When we sleep, your body starts repairing itself. It is during our sleep that skin cells are tended to. In situations where our sleep is interrupted, the process of rejuvenation and repair is hindered, thus further disintegrating the condition of the skin.

Even for people with the tendency to catch colds easily or for those with asthma, a mattress that is not hypoallergenic can spell some serious trouble. 

Now that we have encapsulated some of the disadvantages of a poorly designed mattress, we need to find out an alternative to it. 

The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is designed keeping your troubles in mind. It takes care of your spine, and never beast it unnaturally. It distributes the body weight, ensuring no pressure points are created in your neck, shoulders, and hips. It offers motion separation so that you and your partner can get a zero disturbance sleep. It is hypoallergenic keeping dust, mould, mites, and all sorts of microbes at bay. It also allows the sleeper to sleep cool throughout the night. For this, the creators have incorporated open cell structure in the design so that heat is absorbed and circulated instead of being trapped. The mattress, therefore, offers terrific air and heat ventilation. 

Our ortho mattress will adapt to the shape of your body regardless of your sleeping position, and give you the uninterrupted healthy sleep you have craving all this while.

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