Last updated on February 23, 2022

Setting up a home office seems to be the new mandatory addition that’s even going to continue in 2022.

That’s not it! Your home office setup also needs some work from home accessories to make your time more productive and your space more motivating.

As we have found ways to bring everything we did outdoors within our home, let’s also bring in the best possible environment and make your time more productive and keep yourself more motivated.

Why Choose a Workplace Setup at Home?

If you are not working in a proper sitting posture at computer, it’s time to see what’s wrong. You need to revisit the things to consider while setting up a home office. When you arrange furniture and your work from home accessories the right way, you will see an increase in productivity.

While in quarantine, you may have converted your living room into a theatre. Or, turned your balcony into a home garden. But now it’s time to bring a workstation setup into your study room in 2022.

Moreover, most people in India view this home office setup as simple as installing a table and a chair. Actually, it doesn’t end there!

So get comfortable on your seat as we explore all about your home office setup in detail.

Using a Home Office Setup
to Your Advantage

As the concept of office spaces is becoming obsolete now, the people in India have started to think about setting up a home office in 2022. According to a recent survey by Forbes Magazine,
61 per cent of the employees surveyed want to continue doing their jobs from a work from home setup.

While that can be a surprising number, there is almost 3 per cent of employees and entrepreneurs want to return to the workplace. Understandably so.


While office spaces can be energetic and help employees perform better, setting up a home office has a lot of advantages that directly relate with productivity and efficiency.

Take a look at why a workstation setup at home is beneficial for you:


Eliminates daily commute:

Avoiding daily commute remains one of the top benefits of working from home. It saves the employees and entrepreneurs time, energy, and money. Obviously, a remote worker saves significantly more than an office-goer.



You prevent global warming as you choose to not use the public transport. It’s an eco-friendly practice as less people take their vehicles or buses to travel to their offices. Also, the lesser use of electricity in offices, the more you contribute to
the betterment of the environment.


Increase in productivity:

People with a proper workstation setup that doesn’t allow distractions saw a productivity boost. That’s why employers are continuing to allow working from home.


Better performance:

Studies also show a spike in average employee performance as and when people are working from home. It is so across countries including India.

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Healthier posture:

You continue to perform well if back pain doesn’t distract you. In fact, a good home office setup keeps your posture healthy so you focus on the rest of the things. Also, the work from home desk is a very intimate and private space. It helps you maintain a proper sitting posture at a computer, thereby protecting your back.

icon six

Better lifestyle:

People get more time with their family and take care of their own health. As they cut down the time for commute, they found time for exercises, doing more with their family members, etc.

These are certain things that a home office setup brings along. A comfortable chair and adjustable desk can thus make working from home far easy.

Most people are forced to use their bedrooms as makeshift office spaces. This not only restricts the activities that each room is built for but also restricts the employee’s movements. They are forced to eat, try to have a good night’s sleep and work all in the same space. This is not a suitable environment for them to focus on work. It agitates the employee and affects their mental health. You can well imagine how all of this hinders productivity.

Remember the 61% of employees who said they want continued flexibility at work? We are pretty sure these folks have a wonderful work from home setup!

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Choose from our handpicked workstation setups. Maintain a healthy posture!

Innovative Work from Home
Setup Ideas

It is very sad that you might not have access to your office desk setup or the most comfortable chair. Or, your foot rest under the desk that somehow managed to improve your focus on work. But it’s important to accept and adapt to the changing circumstances.

Multiple successful entrepreneurs would agree with us when we say that a happy employee is a productive employee. And the surroundings in which you work have a great impact on your mental state.

This is why it is very important to have a dedicated workstation setup for yourself. Spend that extra time setting up a home office by cutting down on Netflix for one night. Yes, in just one night you can have a cosy home office to yourself!

Ideas for Setting up a Home Office: Accessories Checklist

For the ideal home office space to take shape, especially for someone who is doing this for the first time, fret not we got you. Before you start googling for work desk decor ideas, begin with the most important piece of the puzzle, the chair.

1. Checklist to find the perfect chair

Amongst all the other items and work from home furniture that you need to add to the cart for improving your work from home productivity, the most comfortable chair tops the list of working from home essentials. We all know Michael Scott should have chosen a better chair for Pam in The Office episode.

Before buying the best chairs for working from home that lead to a proper sitting posture at the computer, here are a few things to keep in mind. Ergonomics, which is not related to economics in any sense, is a scientific concept that helps understand the interactions of humans and other elements of a system that they are a part of.

The ergonomic chair is the ultimate working from home essential that also determines the feng shui of setting up a home office. These are the ideal features of an ergonomic chair that will ensure a proper sitting posture at the computer:

  • Adjustable Spine:

Ensure it has an adjustable spine. This feature is like the lid to the jar: an ergonomic chair is not completely ergonomic unless it has an adjustable spine.

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  • Size of the chair:

Find a chair that fits your workspace. Purchasing a chair too large or too small might offset the environment and affect your productivity.

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  • Lumbar support:

the lower back is another essential feature that can help you work for longer hours. Your spine is bound to move and a lower back supportive spine for the chair feels like a mother’s hug.

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  • Arm Support:

Galen Gruman writes in the Computer World that arm support is equally important in a chair as lumbar support. Look for ones that enable light forearm support as an armrest is supposed to remind you to keep your arms in the right position and not provide support like the seat.

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2. Checklist to choose the perfect desk setup

The second most important working from home essential is that of the desk. According to Computer World, there is a computer standard for the ideal height. For an ergonomic design based desk setup, it is 29 inches from the floor to the top of the workspace surface.

While this can be the industry standard, always look out for what works best for you. This can help you achieve maximum output with the available setup. Here are a few more work from home accessories that help make your home office setup better.

  • The lighting

Work light is the new idea that sounds like a fad but is absolutely effective much like the ‘drink more water’ troupes. More often than not, good lighting is underestimated, especially in a workplace. Here are some thoughts on it:

setting up a home office

While you want to achieve the perfect desk setup that improves your work from home productivity, consider installing an overhead lamp that ensures light comes from above.

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Avoid competing lights from the side of your monitor. It is easy to forget that your monitor also emits light. So, make sure your extra source of work light doesn’t overpower and create a glare.

Creating a work from home setup, especially in a home where you have to use a room for multiple purposes can be challenging. This requires us to keep your workspace as clutter-free as possible. As part of a practical work desk decor idea, a clutter-free desk becomes the centre of it.

  • Desk with storage: Keep it clutter-free

The key to a clutter-free workspace is to keep it as simple as possible. Keep your personal items at a minimum, try to regularly clean your desk to avoid things piling up. By far the most effective work from home tips and tricks include focusing on vertical storage.

Benefits of vertical storage:

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Store all working from home essentials like stationery above your work desk. Keeping them on separate shelves allows more space and easy access. Thus, while you are setting up a home office, an adjustable desk at your small study room design helps keep things organized.

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This will also enable you to feel like you’re working in a bigger space. Thus, open shelves and a clean workstation create the illusion of extra space.

Bring home the perfect desk setup. Cut down the clutter!

Working from Home Essentials
for Small Home Businesses

What gets small businesses going is the small but vibrant team of visionaries. They work relentlessly towards achieving their business goals in the competitive Indian market.

With the pandemic induced lockdown, the human contact between such tight-knit teams is missing. Lack of contact with other teammates can have an impact on the small business employee’s work from home productivity.

While the internet is filled with many work from home tips and tricks, the following are selected points that will help boost your morale as you bring a workstation setup at home. Here is some more aspects while setting up a home office:

  • Make them feel like you all have similar workspaces

Ergonomic, adjustable desks installed is not just great work from home health tip but also a great way to keep your employees connected and happy. Make it mandatory to take team calls from the desk. This is also a great way to improve productivity. That’s another advantage of a work setup at home- bringing the productive vibe into your own space.

  • Make these meetings go beyond just the business of the day:

Managing stress at workplace can be tough, but not while working from home. Try to keep meetings that are not too serious and work-oriented. Ask about the employee’s families, connect with them genuinely on a personal level to empathise with their situations.

  • Keep a work planner to focus on work:

One of the work from home accessories include keeping a work planner and referring to it as you work. It not only keeps your time management on point but also makes your actions efficient. Also, this is one of the productivity tips at their home office desk setups that most ignore.

  • Try to offer help in setting up their workspace:

Setting up a home office can be quite a daunting task for many: either financially or capability wise. Offer them some work from home tips and tricks that can help set the workspace in a comfortable manner. Remember, this is the space they are going to spend the most time in, try to make it as comfortable as possible.

  • Collective motivation is the key:

Creating a sense of community and boosting the team spirit on online calls is a tough task. All entrepreneurs who have cracked this are geniuses. But for those who are still struggling to find the sweet spot where you all vibe, try to make your workspaces look-alike. You can print-out posters that bring out the team spirit amongst you all. It could be a quote that the team swears by.

Maybe all of you could buy the same colour adjustable desk. Have a weekly work planner that the entire team has a track of to help boost the productivity of each other.

  • Clean your way to success:

The best way to ensure maximum output from a makeshift work from a home office is to regularly tidying up the clutter from their work desks. Establish a proper filing system for all paperwork into vertical storage cabinets that also improve the ease of access to them as and when needed.

Choose the one that understands you. Welcome a new work from home setup!

Break the block - Ideal
Work from Home
Setup & Environment

Staying indoors has a profound impact on our capability to think and be creative. It restricts your movement thereby putting a cap on our thinking capabilities.

There have been many instances where we go into a creative lull, a feeling of numbness that is the result of a bigger crisis that humanity is enduring.

Nevertheless, life goes on as they say. And one has to bring back their thinking and finish the monthly targets. And setting up a home office will you reach your goals efficiently.

So, what can you do to break the monotony at your workstation setup at home? Let’s hear it out so you get the secret tips for working from home effectively.

What are some Work from Home Accessories that make it fun?

With time you may find things boring or monotonous. Lack of physical exercise can take a toll on your mental health. So to mix things up a little, you can do some things that lift your mood.

Yes, life goes on as they say but one has to finish the monthly targets. When your day doesn’t look appealing and your work light is not as bright as you want it to be, try to look at your common house plants for office desk and cheer yourself up.

On the other hand, quick puzzles and desk toys are playful yet witty ways to get you out of your creative lull. Any kind of movement can help including swivel chairs apart from giving the best sitting postures can also help with juicing your creativity.

Other things that can get you out of a funk can include :

chapter four one

Scribble pads

(to pour your uncreative heart out) so that your good ideas start flowing.

chapter four two

Mood Boards

are a proven tactic to tweak the mind to believe that there are good times coming.

chapter four three

Bulletin with Images

Hang a bulletin with images and words that may provide you with the much-needed affirmation that you might need in between a stressful workday!

Small Additions, Huge
Impact - Bonus Tips to
Boost Productivity

As the title suggests, there are several points that might seem like small additions but go a long way when it comes to their impact on boosting your productivity. Setting up a home office is a daunting task and you have achieved that in a jiffy.

You can keep your mind fresh if you put yourself to go into a new world for sometime. Yes, that is reading. You can look at the best books to read for beginners and make it a habit after work hours!

How to Boost Work from Home Productivity?

The hardest part is over and now it’s time to weather the obstacles posed by the impact work from home has on our productivity. While Google is brimming with study table organisation ideas and best sitting postures, there are also other pointers to help improve one’s productivity. Here are a few:

setting up a home office

  • Choose your colour, choose your mood:

Green should be the Pantone colour of the year as the effect it has on the human brain is beyond just their infectious positivity. They bring a sense of calm to the surroundings and are great desk decor ideas too!

chapter five

  • Words go a long way:

While putting your workstation setup together, add motivational posters with affirmations and positive words written on them to the list. These have a great impact on setting the tone for your workday.

chap five one

  • We were on a break!

While they may not be an effective argument in a relationship, breaks are definitely an effective way to boost one’s productivity. Don’t wait for the weekend to start your break routine. Find time in between your workday and add 15 minutes of essential time for yourself to recharge your capacity.

You may think to upskill yourself for a better role and take time to study for the same. And giving yourself that break is important. You will bring effective results from the tips for studying at home.

Listen to music, write your thoughts down, stare into greenery during your break to help improve your productivity. As part of your study table organisation ideas, add your break timing schedule post it too!

chap five six

  • Clutter-free desk:

A clutter-free desk with a brilliant desk with storage space can be a pleasing look for you. But when you take calls, your colleagues and clients also need to feel the same way.

Greenery is great for the eyes and looks great in your workstation setup at home.

Keep small indoor plants for office desk and bring some life as you cut down the clutter!

It also lifts your mood and sets a motivating comfortable vibe.

chap five ico

  • A pleasing background:

The happier the client, the happier you are at your workplace. This can be made possible by investing in a pleasing background especially to use for your video calls while doing a workstation setup at home. This could include a clean space visible or even someplace that is well lit for the clients to see you clearly.

chap five four

  • Sounds to bring your energy back:

The best way for managing stress at workplace is to have some energising music in the background while doing mundane but essential tasks. This ensures there is a positive aura around in the workplace while also ensuring you put on your best sitting posture.

When setting up a home office, don’t forget to also buy yourself a good speaker with the bass hitting just right to give you that extra oomph to your home office.

Explore furniture that gives you the comfort you deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions on Setting up a Home Office

If you are not used to having a work from home setup India, we have you covered with these work from home tips and tricks.

  • Start with a desk that is already existing.
  • Deck it up with your essential electronics in an ergonomic manner that suits your workload and body capacity.
  • The office chair is equally important as the desk or the monitor you use.
  • Choose a corner of the house where there is less noise and more natural light, that way it becomes easier managing stress at your workplace

A desk setup determines not just your productivity but also your state of mind.

  • The first rule of setting up a desk is to keep it as clutter-free as possible.
  • Always go for larger desk storage with space for indoor plants for your office desk to spruce it up with greenery.
  • Keep your essential stationery in vertical storage right above your desk for better access and so as to not clutter your desk.
  • Keep in mind that a proper study helps you maintain the best sitting postures.
  • Regularly clean your study table for home office off the dust, multiple cords and used sheets of paper.
  • Remember, setting up a clean desk is half the work in setting up a home office.

If you are not a corner desk home office kind of person, here is a work from home tips and tricks for you:

  • Your bed can double up as your office during the day. Here is where a laptop tray comes in handy, work by day. Netflix by night all from the comfort of your bed.
  • If you are a person who likes a change of space for their different activities, try using a lumbar support pillow in your living room couch and convert your coffee table into a makeshift work desk.

This will make sure you have a change in atmosphere to work, absolutely within your budget and will make for a simple home office without all the fuss.

Now, that’s a productivity tip that everyone hopes to have gotten sooner!

The timing of work is a subjective thing, especially when you are working from. It depends on which shift you work for at your organisation. Ideally, always keep a fixed time for working. You cannot keep working the whole day just because you are at home. This is the number one cause of burnout.
If you run your own business, here is quick work from home health tips, always take short breaks away from your screen in between work meetings. This is an effective productivity tip for better workplace relations.

Setting up a home office is only the beginning of keeping up your productivity levels during the lockdown and quarantine periods. Follow these simple productivity tips for an effective work from home experience:

  • Always have a designated workspace, never work out of the same space you relax in.
  • Regularly declutter, keep your workstation hygienic.
  • Have a separate work attire and home attire.
  • Never work out of your pyjamas.
  • Allocate strict working hours, never allow any distractions during the same.
  • Don’t mix your household chores within your work hours, get to them after your office work is done.
  • Use productivity apps to boost productivity while working from home office.

Here are a list of things of things to do and not do when you are working remotely:


  • Buy yourself proper working from furniture
  • Schedule and plan out your day the way you would in an office.
  • Stick to a morning routine as you would if you were working in person.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with your work station
  • Eat a healthy breakfast before meals
  • Take breaks when needed
  • Ensure you have enough sunlight and ventilation in your home office space.


  • Do not eat at your desk
  • Avoid taking/doing personal calls/chores during work hours
  • Do not skip meals
  • Do not wake up late and change your schedule because you are working from home
  • Do not get distracted by checking social media or watching a show during work hours.
  • Avoid working on a couch or your bed
  • Ensure that you don’t sit all day

You can make your work setup at home fun by adding these elements into your study.

  • Order comfortable but fun furniture
  • Keep indoor plants for office desk to maintain calm
  • Get colorfully designed cushions for back rest
  • Add new plants for your desk table
  • Buy fun stationary that makes you more productive
  • Create a “work-from-home” playlist for working
  • Make playful additions to your work desk such as an exercise ball, spinning top etc.

Here are some must-have furniture that help you focus on work:

  • A compact, adjustable study desk
  • A comfortable revolving adjustable chair
  • Back support cushion for a good posture
  • A laptop stand
  • A mouse pad
  • Virtual Smart Assistant.
  • An ergonomic keyboard
  • A coffee holder
  • A desk lamp
  • Stationary and tools

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