How to Make your WFH Desk Work for You

Tips for working from home effectively

Social distancing, flattening the curve and self-isolation have become buzzwords in the past few weeks, with the Coronavirus pandemic changing the way we live our lives. People across the country and the world are trying to acclimate themselves to a lifestyle turned upside down. One of the pertinent shifts we have seen in these times is the coming-of-age of the ‘Work from Home’ phenomenon.

Work from home (WFH), a term that was limited to HR-centric conversations up until now, has exploded into an inevitable lifestyle shift in the past few weeks. As you go about adjusting your routine, it is important to make your WFH desk a dedicated space for productive and efficient work. A great WFH space allows you to balance your life within the confines of your home and doesn’t let you mix business with leisure.

We’ve put together a list of things that can help you create the perfect workspace in your house. Here’s what we’ve got!  

  • All work and no play

Your work desk must be a dedicated space for you to conduct work during office hours and not turn to it after that. This will not only help you be more productive at work but will also lend a much-needed balance to your non-work hours. At a time when our work and leisure activities are possibly conducted in the same room, it is imperative to create distinctions between both.

  • The life-changing magic of keeping your desk clean 

If you are embarking on a declutter-your-home mission the Marie Kondo way, there is no better place to get organized than at your work desk. In fact, even if you like a bit of a comfy mess around the house, make sure you keep your work desk clean and tidy. This will help you get your focus going and optimize your productivity. 

  • To-do or not-to-do? Honestly, there’s no question!

Remote workspaces can sometimes be distracting. Try and create a work desk that helps you keep a tab on your progress throughout the day. One of the most effective ways of doing that is to make your to-do list every morning. Paste it up on your desk and cross off completed activities. We’re sure you will feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment at the end of every workday. 

The hues of productivity

The kind of colors you surround yourself with can impact your productivity. Experts recommend blue and green hues to add a calming and productive effect, while they sometimes suggest yellow for creative spaces. If you don’t have access to color-appropriate work desks at home, add an accent furniture piece of the recommended color to boost the productivity meter up.  

  • The plant factor

You probably like to have a small succulent at your desk in the office, and for good reason. It’s time to replicate that at your WFH desk, as it is a sure-shot productivity lifter. Research by Sage Journal in 2013 asserted that plants can lift the mood and increase productivity. If you don’t have access to one, just sit close to a window where you can soak in some natural beauty.

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