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How to Plan a TV Cabinet for Living Room?

Wakefit tv unit

The living room is the heart of every house. It leaves its impression on every guest that enters your home. So, it is only natural that you want it to look nothing but perfect. With a chic sofa and a modular tv cabinet for living room, you can make even the simplest room designs stand out. A TV cabinet is especially important as that is towards where all your furniture is positioned. So you may excuse that little stain on your sofa but not the wires hanging out of your television. In this post, we will share with you ways on how you can have the perfect TV Cabinet decor for your living room

Why Do You Need a TV Cabinet for Living Room?

There are mainly two broad reasons why you should go for a TV cabinet for living room.

  • Practical Factors
  • Aesthetics

Let’s look at them in detail:

Practical factors 

  • Helps you organize better

TV Cabinet for Living Room

A good TV unit decor offers space for everything that you love and might need to make your TV-viewing experience grand. For example, the Wakefit Dexter TV unit has a drawer and eight open compartments to fit in everything and more. While the drawer can hold things you might not want to showcase, the open compartments can store and exhibit your splendid collection of movies CDs, magazines, vintage music records, etc.

  • Offers multipurpose utility 

TV cabinet for Living Room

A TV cabinet decor not only improves the way you experience movies at home, it also serves as a showcase. Whether it is a potted plant or a nook for your favourite photo frames, the cabinet can multitask to be your fantasy holder as well as a memory keeper. By doing so, it offers more space to the rest of your room, a factor essential for a practical home where movement is easy.

Aesthetic factors

A wire mess in the living room is the last thing you want! The best way to avoid that? A TV cabinet decor can hide all the wires that go behind the television experience. If there are several devices that you plan to keep in your sitting room, such as a television, stereo, video game console etc., then there are bound to be lots of cables hanging around. A cabinet solves this problem by artfully putting the wires out of sight.

  • Upgrade the decor of your living room 

TV Cabinet for Living Room

Picking up a sleek tv unit decor can give your living room decor the statement piece it needs to become the talk of the town. If you plan to go for wooden tv units because of their durability and strength, then the various shades of wood can make your room look regal. 

That is how Wakefit’s TV units let you stay glued in style.

Top TV Unit Design Ideas

Now that you know why you need a TV cabinet for living room, the next step is to select the best design that suits your aesthetic and complements the entire house. While there are many TV cabinet ideas that must have struck your mind, there are a few things that you must consider when buying a TV cabinet online.

  • How your tv room design looks right now
  • Where your television is placed
  • Your room’s current decor style 
  • Your TV’s size and whether it is wall-mounted or not 
  • The TV unit decor that suits your needs best 

Now, let’s jump right into some of the best TV cabinet ideas that are sure to catch your eye:

  • Wood TV Unit Design Ideas

The Sheesham wood TV unit gives your room a very rustic look with its unique wooden designs. This TV cabinet for living room fits perfectly with a neutral tone wall as it is sure to become the focal point of the room. Check out some of our top selling Sheesham wood TV Units:

  1. Wakefit Lupin Sheesham Wood TV Unit
  2. Wakefit Peaky Sheesham Wood TV Unit
  3. Wakefit Empire Sheesham Wood TV Unit
  • Wall Mounted TV Unit Design Ideas

Love the TV cabinet ideas but worried it might take up a lot of space? Wall-mounted TV units are just the right fit for your living space. These are sturdy and petite as they manage to hold a lot of your stuff without taking much space of the room. Check out some of our best selling wall mounted TV units:

  1. Wakefit Witcher Wall Mounted TV Unit
  2. Wakefit Gotham Wall Mounted TV Unit
  • Modern TV Unit Design Ideas

The Modern TV Units have got it all! From aesthetic to durability, these TV units come in different styles that compliment your personality. There are many modern TV unit design ideas that can fit your living room. Here are some of our best ones:

  1. Wakefit Simpson TV unit
  2. Wakefit Dexter TV Unit
  3. Wakefit Fortnite TV Unit

How to Decorate TV Unit

Even if you have bought a TV cabinet for living room, it is still just a piece of wood that you make your own by decorating it. There are many things you can do to add a personal touch to it and ensure that it matches the look of your room. Let’s check out ways on how to decorate TV unit:

  • First of all, make sure that your television is at centre of the TV unit
  • Hide all the hanging wires to give a clean look
  • Add small indoor plants on the corners of the TV unit
  • You can fill a shelf with some of your favorite books
  • If you are not a bookworm, classic show pieces are the way to go
  • You can also set up a long lamp beside the TV unit to give it  a classy look

So, that was all about how you can plan a TV cabinet for living room. If you end up choosing the right TV unit and decorating it properly, it will surely become a topic of conversation for you and your family. 

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