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Wakefit’s TV units let you stay glued in style

Wakefit TV unit

In today’s post, we introduce you to Wakefit’s new range of TV units. The designs are sleek and sturdy, modern and practical, and will upgrade the entertainment corner in your home by several notches. 

Wakefit fortnite TV unit

The fortnite TV unit by Wakefit is the perfect pick for your TV corner. The design is such that you can place your TV in the unit without a worry. The television remains safe on the wide top table, while the adjacent compartments can be used for all articles related to entertainment. The unit offers two closed and two open compartments and depending on what you are storing and what you are displaying you can choose which section you want to go for.

This TV unit comes in a Columbian shade that is both flamboyant and classy. Buy this TV unit here

Wakefit TV unit

Wakefit Dexter TV unit

The Dexter TV unit is constructed with the best quality engineered wood. The design is such that there is plenty of space for all your favourite things. It has eight open compartments and one drawer at the centre. The open compartments can be used to exhibit some of your favourite things, from small indoor plants to a collection of your vinyls or even your figurine collection! The TV unit lets you play with your imagination while keeping everything organized and neat. 

The Wakefit Dexter TV unit offers DIY installation and so is easy to assemble and set up. You can take this TV unit home by visiting us here

Wakefit Simpson TV unit

Made from the finest quality of engineered wood, Wakefit’s Simpson TV unit will upgrade your entertainment corner. The design marries sociability and practicality. The unit is robust and sturdy and at the same time, it looks sleek and stylish. The storage it offers allows you to keep the remote as well as other accessories in place. You can browse through its other features here

Wakefit Witcher Wall Mounted TV unit

The Wakefit Witcher TV unit is a wall-mounted design that is easy to assemble and install. Though it looks sleek, the TV unit is a sturdy one that stores your figurines, books, remote and other entertainment accessories in place. The top surface can be used to display your favourites and the compartments can be used to store necessary things. You can buy this TV unit now by visiting us here

Wakefit Gotham Wall Mounted TV Unit

The Gotham TV unit has compartments at a height that lets you conveniently store your entertainment gadgets in place. From your DVD player and speaker to the PlayStation and set-top box, you can use the compartments for them all. The holes on both sides of the Gotham Wall Mounted TV unit ensures that the wires don’t get tangled up. 

You can purchase this TV unit here

All of these tv units from Wakefit come with a manufacturer warranty of one year. So what are you waiting for? Let the shopping begin! 

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