Modern Coffee Table Designs to Elevate Your Living Space

Wakefit Coffee Table

Our living room is at the heart of our home, where we host conversations and relaxing evenings. A coffee table is the center of attraction in the living room. Modern coffee table designs are designed to help transform your living room into a functional yet social hub.

It is easy to put together and maintain and effortless when it comes to fitting into your sitting room decor. Wakefit’s coffee table designs is constructed with the finest engineered wood, making them stylish and smart display units that your guests won’t stop gaping at.

modern coffee table designs

Explore Modern Coffee Table Designs At Wakefit

This latest range of modern coffee table designs by Wakefit is available in various textures, tones, and finishes. You will find it all in our collection from frosty white and dark Walnut to ash light and Columbian Walnut color. 

Even in terms of storage options, Wakefit’s tea table design furniture gives you a plethora of choices to pick from. The tables are designed ergonomically giving them the right height so that you do not face any musculoskeletal problems in the future. Each one from the range is crafted to be one of the best center table designs, which are also cost-effective and available for all kinds of budgets.

Are you ready to say hello to our coffee tables? Let us introduce you to each of them!

Wakefit Wooden Coffee Table Designs 

Wakefit’s Kent Coffee Table Design

The best coffee table designs are ones that look good and allow you to organize your belongings neatly. From remotes and magazines to books and figurines, you can store them all in the lower compartments of this gorgeous tea table design furniture. The storage space also allows you to decorate the table to elevate the style factor of your living room space. 

Wakefit Kent Coffee Table

Key features: 

  • Unique design 
  • Sectioned spaces
  • 4 spacious compartments
  • Sturdy and stylish 

Wakefit’s Arabica Coffee / Centre Table Design

The Arabica Coffee Table by Wakefit is one of the best coffee tables in the range. It is easy to assemble and easier to maintain. This designer coffee table has a rich, Columbian walnut finish that wins hearts each time. The storage space needs to be used wisely to ensure you don’t clutter up space. The upper shelf can be utilized for displaying things that are too beautiful to be hiding on the shelves.

Wakefit Arabica Coffee Table

Key features: 

  • Modern eclectic design
  • Rich, Columbian Walnut finish 
  • Storage space 
  • Right height for displaying things

This sturdy center table for the living room can be availed right at our offline and online stores.

Wakefit’s Robusta Coffee Table Design

This coffee table design is created for both comfort and convenience. It comes with an open drawer and a sliding closed one. It allows you to keep clutter to a minimum while also elevating the chic quotient of the space it inhabits. This is one of the modern coffee table designs raised on robust wood legs that lend it the perfect height for any drawing-room space. 

Wakefit Robusta Coffee Table

Key features:

  • Built for maximum comfort and convenience 
  • Perfect height for Indian households 
  • Rich dark walnut color and grain structure 
  • One drawer and one open shelf 

Wakefit Jackson Sheesham Wood Coffee Table

Coffee table designs with a glass top are the perfect fusion of modern and traditional. The glass top adds a sleek touch to the sturdy, rustic wooden coffee table design.  It is one of the best center table designs to include in your living room, as it functions as a decorative element as well as a storage space. Here’s a peak at the coffee table designs with glass top, one of Wakefit’s great buy

Key features:

  • Assembled by carpenters at the time of delivery
  • Tempered glass of highest quality
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Sheesham finish
  • Open storage space


This new range of coffee tables by Wakefit is stylish, modern, practical, and easy on the wallet, making it the destination for the best coffee table designs. The biggest advantage of modern coffee table designs is that they make storage easy for you, while also offering open compartments that allow you to exhibit your favorite figurines, books, small potted plants and other knick knacks depending on the rest of your living room decor and/or your aesthetic choices. So what are you waiting for? Shop wakefit’s furniture online and explore our exquisite, modern coffee table designs for your home today!

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