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Cook Up your Dream Modular Kitchen Design with These Six Ideas!

modular kitchen design

Do you think the heart of the home is the kitchen? 

If you do, this blog post is for you. 

With trends coming in hot, a new and improved modular kitchen design is what you need. 

And no, this doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy expensive equipment. Instead,  here are 6 ways you can give your kitchen a makeover better than the ones on TV. 

6 Kitchen Makeover Ideas

modular kitchen design
  1. A little bit of color goes a long way!

A very popular and effective modular kitchen design is playing around with your color palette. 

Throw away the shades of white and black, instead, opt for warm tones like green and mustard yellow. 

These colors do a great job at brightening up your kitchen space, even if it does not face direct sunlight. 

  1. Empty space? Chair it up!

Want to go for a simple modular kitchen design

Fill up the empty awkward corners in your kitchen with chairs. 

Working especially well for an l shaped modular kitchen design, placing chairs in your kitchen reduces monotony, but also works great if you have company. 

Not only that, with elegant chairs in your kitchen space, you now can sit and patiently watch your cookies bake. You can even use it to reach for the higher shelves!

  1.  Smart stovetops for the go

With a stovetop installation, you will get your work done. It will also help in reducing the prints of a messy food scene. 

If you wish for a wooden modular kitchen, stovetops designed for the same are readily available. You can avoid messing up your kitchen aesthetic. 

When looking for an efficient modular kitchen design, sleek stovetops are a great way to cook your meals in peace. They also help you avoid the silent hour of deep cleaning the kitchen at the end of every day. 

  1. Let there be light

Want your kitchen to be bright and bustling? Get a statement light piece that can be installed in a central location in the kitchen. 

Bright, un-obstructed light can drastically change the way you prepare food in the kitchen. This modern modular kitchen design enables hassle-free cooking. It also shifts and improves the mood of your surroundings. 

If you’re someone who prefers to cook in silence and alone, light is as important for you! Change to warm and yellow accent lighting, so that cooking feels like a dream in your home. 

  1. Make the storage gods proud

One problem that nearly all of us face in the kitchen is that of storage. 

There are cupboards which won’t shut close and stacked cups teetering over the edge of the shelves. 

If you want a small modular kitchen, you can do a lot with the right storage.

With appropriate organizing shelves and containers, your kitchen can go from looking like Gordon Ramsey’s nightmare to a Kardashian style pantry. And that too at an affordable price!

This modular kitchen design works great if you live in a relatively smaller apartment and want to make the most of your space.  

  1. Bar stools for your kitchen space 

Working for both l shaped and u shaped modular kitchen design, this simple accessory can do wonders in transforming your kitchen space. 

Tall bar stools give the room more detailing. They also look great if you have an island in your kitchen. 

Get bar stools in a color that contrasts the kitchen slabs, and it is bound to stand out. 

This simple modular kitchen design gives you room to have more people in the room with you, so you can enjoy your Taco Tuesdays to the fullest. 

Must Haves for a Modular Kitchen 

  1. Small furniture 

For charging up your kitchen space, add in small furniture pieces like stools and benches at different spots.

  1. Pendant lights 

Lighting is very important, whether it’s in the study or in the kitchen. 

A wide range of pendant lights in different designs are available today. Find the ones that are manufactured to produce the best quality light in your room. 

These pendant lights hang from a height and are suitable for a kitchen space. Whether you wish to go for an industrial or a homely, boho look, we’ve got it all. 


 A modular kitchen is more a luxury than a necessity today. 

For anyone who loves food or the memories associated with food, having the right kitchen is a must. 

There are various modern kitchen designs to explore and choose from. 

Anything that meets your storage needs, optimizes use of space, and looks warm and welcoming, is the ideal choice for you and your family. 

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