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Trendy Sofa Color Combination In 2023

Trendy Sofa Color

The recent onset of the pandemic left us ‘locked’ indoors, mingling with the same pieces of furniture – especially the sofa set that housed all inhabitants. Whether it was to have a conversation, play games, watch television, or read a book, your beloved sofa set accommodated you cosily. However, the thing about furniture is that the longer it has been around, the more it creates a blind spot. So, as much as you have loved this focal piece in the living room for its timeless and classy look- it’s probably looking tired, underappreciated, or unnoticed!

The new year surely inspires us all with new goals, but a revamp of a living room may prove to be expensive if you had to change sofa sets every season. Instead, why not experiment with something as simple as a sofa color combination that can bring in an oomph factor? Bring about the exciting change that your living room needs with our list of trending sofa colors that will not only have your guests in awe but can prove beneficial to your eyes as per colour psychology! Read on to know more.

2023’s Swanky Sofa Color Combination For Your Living Room

Stunning Blue

If you are someone who has never experimented outside the primary colours on the colour wheel- get ready to pleasantly surprise your sofa set with gorgeous hues of Blue. Colour psychology suggests that the colour blue represents tranquillity, stability, and reliability. Great factors to be encouraged in a home when it comes to a sofa color combination- you cannot go wrong with blue. The Wakefit Lounger L-Shape Sofa Set is a stunning sofa with an option of deep Persian blue upholstery that instantly sets it a class apart. Prop some multi-coloured cushions that match the sofa room colour, and you will have an instant uplift in the room. Look to match colours like white, greens, gold, yellow or light shades of blue when accessorising the sofa.

Hues of Red

The colour red symbolises love, attraction, passion, and vibrancy. Choose this bright sofa set colour if you are a fan of eclectic styles and want to spruce up minimalist and practical furniture. The red adds an instant charm to your space, especially when paired with a unique sofa color combination of black, white color, grey, brown or pale yellow used to accessorise with cushions. Unsure about investing in an entire sofa set in the trending sofa colour of red? Add a pop of colour by placing a funky red single-seater Ottoman within the existing seating arrangement. The red not only makes the seat a show stopper but helps break the monotony of neutral colours in the entire room. 

The Best Sofa Colors in trend: Hues of Green

Green is a colour that never goes out of fashion. It instils a sense of serenity and abundance and grounds us in nature instantly. However, most homeowners do not like to take the risk of green, fearing the darker shades may make the room feel smaller or darker. On the contrary, the beauty of this colour is that there are many shades of it that can complement an existing interior décor theme without disturbing the rest of the design. Options like a unique olive green, teal green, fern green or sage/pastel green are the best sofa colors for a refreshing living room. Pair them with neutral walls or a rustic theme, and you have a sofa colour combination ready for a stunning interior!

Captivating Pink & Purple

If you are looking for a sofa colours design that will have heads turn, this is one of the best sofa colour combinations to offer. Pink & Purple complement each other on the colour wheel and can instantly bring in a stylish vibe. Our best tip? Opt for an understated design with soft textured fabric upholstery in hues of pink or purple- think velvet. This creates personality without being too loud for your space. Complete this sofa colours design by giving a charcoal grey backdrop or pairing the focal point with a funky black and white rug. 


There’s no colour like white that charms an interior. Especially when it comes to modern sofa color choices, white instantly brings attention to the design aspect of furniture. Scandinavian sofa colour designs thrive best on lighter shades like white, beige and hues of brown, as the simplicity and minimalism really stand out when the colours are neutral. Moreover, with white as your base, there is plenty of room to play with sofa colour combinations using different textured and coloured cushions. Want to get playful? Opt for printed designs like florals, tribal or peacock prints on white fabric. Increase the style quotient of the sofa colour combination by adding strong beige legs to the sofa.

Cosy Brown sofa colours design

Whether you have a modern tufted sofa or a relaxing, reclining single seater- brown is a colour that complements any sofa room colour in your home. Being a neutral colour, it has plenty of scopes when complemented with unique and contrasting colours like navy blue, turquoise and pastel blue for sofa sets. Another beautiful and organic sofa colour combination is brown and green. This match made in heaven looks exceptionally aesthetic, giving a warm, welcoming and cosy feel. Experiment with different sofa color ideas by pairing tan browns, dark browns, and beiges with cushions, throws and other accessories that highlight the base colour.

Gorgeous grey

Style your sofa colors for the living room with a gorgeous grey colour that can match any accessory you desire. A sleek L-shaped sofa colour combination of charcoal grey, yellow, black or white can create a visual treat, adding a bout of elegance. A stunning option in sofa color ideas, charcoal grey is not only great for the sofa colour itself but also with woven throws that can be styled and placed on the sofa arm. Choosing sofa designs and colours like grey can ensure a long-time use as it can adapt to any setting without having to modify too many style quotients in the room heavily. Consider this one of the best sofa colors of 2023!


Maroon is one of the favourite and best sofa colors when it comes to living room furniture. It creates a regal vibe with its rich colour and isn’t restricting when accessorising is needed. Especially if you have strong, heavy, traditional sofa sets, bright maroon cushioning immediately uplifts the space. Maroon also complements well with wooden furniture like coffee tables, side tables and stools. 

Home décor can be a tricky affair. Getting the right sofa colour combination, lighting, budget, and spacing- it all needs planning. Enjoy decorating your sofa set with the best sofa colors in a style you most resonate with. 

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