Best Apps to Learn New Skills

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best apps to learn new skills

Today, we live in a world full of possibilities as a lot of us value skills over degrees. When getting to learn new skills, you build yourself a new set of knowledge that can help you advance in life. The best part is, you don’t even have to leave your home, you can set up a home office or a space dedicated to learning (Checkout study room design ideas!)  to learn these skills. All thanks to today’s technology, there are some of the best apps to learn new skills. 

Why Choose Educational Apps to Build Skills?

A skill learning app is designed in a manner that you build the skill in the easiest possible way. These learning apps track your progress, act as built-in lessons that teach you through graphics, examples and help you practice your skills as well. Many of these educational apps offer skills through experts in the field. Most of these apps to learn new skills offer videos or Live classes. These videos can help you with fitness, time management, and even build several hard skills. The world of learning apps offers you skills at your fingertips. The internet is filled with a variety of apps to learn new skills, online certifications apps, and plenty of others to kill boredom, productively.

Top Education Apps That Help You Learn New Skills

Here is our list of the top 10 apps that help you upskill your game. 

  • LinkedIn Learning (Formerly known as Lynda)

A skill learning app, LinkedIn Learning offers courses in data analysis, rendering, time management, motion graphics, and much more. Dive into a plethora of courses with the queen of learning apps. Secure your subscription and open yourself for unlimited access to all the courses of your choice!

  • Masterclass- Lessons from the legends 

It is one of the best apps to learn new skills.  This e learning app offers lessons from the legends from various fields. For example, if you are planning to learn cooking, you learn from none other than Gordon Ramsay and Massimo Bottura. The app offers skill lessons in food, design and style, music, business, etc. 

  • Mimo- Coding for beginners

Mimo is an e learning app that offers a range of coding courses from mobile and web development. Mimo’s unique code playground will allow you to experiment with codes and run them for you. Since coding opens doors to learn new skills, learning from Mimo can offer you many opportunities in life. 

  • Yousician- For music lovers

Behold all music enthusiasts! This skill learning app helps you in learning any instrument without an instructor. You can learn guitar, ukulele, piano, bass, and even singing. Looking at building a career in music? Start by learning from one of the best apps to learn new skills in music.

  • Investor 

Interested to explore the stock market? Check out this e learning app, as it can help you understand the ABC’s of investing, business, economics, and finance. This app gets you real help with the whereabouts of your money.

  • Sketchar

If you are passionate about art and want to learn how to combine technology and science with art, Sketchar is one of the best apps to learn new skills. The app also allows you to produce and monetize your art. 

  • Duolingo 

Kill boredom and learn a new language with Duolingo. As one of the most famous apps to learn new skills, Duolingo offers a fun and interactive language learning experience. You can learn languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc. 

  • Mind Tools

As one of the best apps to learn new skills, this one can help you learn about how to take steps ahead in your business. Use Mindtools for a quick course on business management and leadership. 

  • Elevate

Maybe you don’t want to learn anything special and just want to keep your brain active. It is a learn something new everyday app that allows you to train your brain, build confidence and boost your productivity. Try the Elevate app that helps sharpen your memory, vocab skills, and much more.

  • Coursera

Coursera is one of the best apps to learn new skills. An online school of sorts, Coursera offers a variety of courses like UX design, deep learning, Python, etc that help you upskill in anything you like. The app has collaborated with some of the best universities and institutes around the world, including ISB, Stanford, Facebook, AWS, IIT Bombay, etc. 

Try these best apps to learn new skills and apply them to your work life to boost productivity and build expertise in new fields. These learn something new everyday apps will help you get the knowledge that can support your dreams, help you grow faster in your office or even teach you how to make the best use of your money. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today! You can also check out our tips for studying at home to enhance your overall learning experience and process at home.

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