Your home library just got neater

Wakefit Eliot Bookshelf

Looking for a modern book rack design for your favorite novels, anthologies, and encyclopedias? Look no further than Wakefit! We bring to you an array of wooden bookshelves to choose from. From wall mounted bookshelf to wooden bookshelf in the form of a staircase, you can find it all right here. With quick, easy assembly and easier maintenance, these beauties come with a warranty of one year, so it is an investment that you can rely on. 

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Not just a space to store your books, these shelves are display units that can be used to exhibit some of your favorite art collectibles, souvenirs, small indoor plants, perfume bottles, and other accessories. We have several variants that you can browse through. You can go to the ladder-inspired bookshelf that will transport you to Hogwarts. Or, you can go for the zig-zag bookshelf and add a little bit of quirk to your living room space. Let us tell you a little more about these variants in the following section: 

Wakefit bookshelves

Plath bookshelf

  • Wakefit Burns Bookshelf 

The easiest way to identify a reader is to hear them describe their imagination. Keeping this in mind, we at Wakefit, stretched our own imagination and created the Burns Bookshelf that offers the ideal storage space while also looking stylish. 

The open cubbies of the Burn Bookshelf allow you to feature your favorite books for your friends to appreciate. You can also use it to display other memorabilia or any other prized possessions. You can also save some space for your indoor potted plants and add a little green to this corner. 

  • Wakefit Keats Bookshelf 

Wakefit’s Ladder Bookshelf lets you tell a story through your storybooks. Display your classics and your modern mysteries on this gorgeous looking yet functional bookshelf of ours. Created with the best quality engineered wood, the Keats Bookshelf is easy to clean. All you need is a clean piece of dry cloth and you are sorted. With five open and five closed compartments with sizes varying from seven to twelve inches, this ladder bookshelf allows you to store heavier editions at the bottom and lighter reads on top. The dark walnut melamine finish gives it a sleek contemporary look. The bookshelf is robust, lasts long, and is treated for warps.  

  • Plath Bookshelf 

This wall-mounted bookshelf fits in almost every household. Easy to assemble and extremely effortless to maintain, this bookshelf is a must-have. 

Made from engineered wood that is treated for termites, this bookshelf is light and therefore easy to mount. Designed for the adventure-loving reader, the Plath Bookshelf helps you make optimum use of space by allowing you to display possessions other than books in a very organized manner. 

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