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Don’t Know Your New Year’s Resolution Yet? How About Better Sleep!

Better Sleep

As the year approaches its end, we all get busy trying to decide what could be the best resolution for New Year. Most of the time, these are typical stuff like regularly working out, eating healthy, being more confident, etc. but more often than not, we end up failing to fulfill our resolutions. Well, in case you still haven’t decided on the perfect resolutions for the upcoming New Year, how about one that ensures better sleep?

Good sleep is essential for the basic well-being of any person. Most of us are guilty of not paying enough attention to the importance of getting better sleep at night. Research shows that about seven out of ten working individuals suffer from a lack of proper sleep. It’s not just adults who are affected. Believe it or not, even children suffer from sleep deprivation and often complain of not getting better sleep during the night. Even the sleep hours for 15-year-old teens have been reduced, which points to the occurrence of sleep problems.

You must have heard several times in your life that a good eight to ten hours of sleep is necessary for a regular person. However, more emphasis should be given to the importance of the quality of sleep that you get. People who get five to six hours of quality sleep can function much better than people who get eight to ten hours of disturbed sleep. 

If you want to know how to sleep better and resolve your sleep problems, then this article is what you need! Here are the best tips on how to sleep better and consequently bid adieu to all your sleep problems!

Tips On How To Sleep Well

Wondering how to sleep well and also overcome any recurring sleep problems? Here are a few ways to go about it. 

  • More Exposure To Bright Light During The Day: Everybody has a natural body clock, which in scientific terms is known as your circadian rhythm. This helps your body to track time naturally, and keeping it in tune is the best way to ensure you get better sleep at night. This way, your body will know when it is time to wake up and when it is time to go to sleep. One of the ways to overcome sleep problems is by proper exposure to bright light during the daytime hours, as this will help your body’s natural clock to allow you to sleep properly during the night. It has been proven effective, as about 83% of people have said that proper exposure to bright lights during the day has helped them sleep more soundly during the night.

  • Decreased Exposure to Blue Light: When we don’t get adequate sleep, our troubled minds will keep looking for ways how to sleep well. To resolve persistent sleep problems, try removing sources of blue light from your sleeping area. Typical sources of blue light include electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. and it has been known to interfere with the ability to get better sleep at night. Excessive exposure is known to cause sleep disruptions and disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm, tricking it into thinking that it is still daytime. This restricts the secretion of hormones like melatonin, which is an essential requirement for deep and sound sleep. So, it is helpful to reduce exposure to blue light during the evening to allow the body to naturally secrete hormones essential for good sleep and relaxation. Warm colors like red help trigger the secretion of melatonin. Therefore, red or orange lights prove to be more helpful in the process of relaxation.

  • Eat Healthier Food: Many of us have the habit of binge eating when we cannot sleep at night, and let’s be honest, none of us binge eat healthy food! It is a proven fact that an adequately full stomach helps us get better sleep and overcome sleep problems. However, we must also be careful to ensure we do not fill our stomachs with unhealthy junk food, as it may lead to further health issues later in life. Apart from this, it is a fact that healthy food is easier to digest compared to junk food. So, our body has to put in a lot more effort to digest junk food than healthy food, which leads to disturbed sleep. Therefore, it is crucial to have proper healthy food as it allows our body to rest well.

  • Maintain Consistent Sleeping Hours: Still, wondering how to sleep well? Maintaining consistent sleep hours is a very important ingredient for getting better sleep and avoiding persistent sleep problems. Irregular sleeping hours disrupt your body’s natural sleep cycle, which leads to tiredness, irritation, etc. Maintaining a fixed time for sleep not only caters to our body’s sleep cycle, thereby ensuring you get the better sleep that you deserve, but also helps us wake up fresher and be more active.
better sleep
  • Comfortable Bedroom Setting: The bedroom environment plays a key role in helping you get better sleep and overcome all sleep problems. You can do several things to make your bedroom a healthy sleep environment that assures better sleep. Make sure that the lights in your bedroom are not too bright. You can keep soft instrumental music playing in the background to help you sleep. One of the most important and, incidentally, also the most neglected part of the bedroom set, is your bed and its accessories. If your mattress and pillows are very old, it calls for a change! We recommend Wakefit’s Memory Foam Mattresses and Pillows to help you get better sleep and wake up fit, fresh, and active. Getting new bedroom accessories might just turn out to be the best resolution for New Year!

If none of these methods work for you, and you still need to find ways how to sleep well during sleep, we suggest you go and get checked for any chronic sleeping disorder as you need to get better sleep at night. We hope these tips and suggestions prove helpful for you so that you can make an active effort to improve your sleep cycle and maintain your New Year’s Resolution of getting better sleep throughout the year!

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