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Tips to Care for Your Mattress During Monsoon

Tips to Care of Your Mattress During Monsoon

Monsoon is a season of relief but also one that brings with it a lot of problems.

Let us look at the good things first? It is not 45 degrees anymore. That has got to top the list. You’re sleeping better at night because it is cooler, and the tapping sound of rain induces sleep.

But everything comes with its share of problems. Monsoon brings with it dampness, insects, mold, and mildew.

If you are concerned about hygiene as we’re guessing you are, then keeping the Mattress clean during the rainy season is a cause for concern.

Well, worry no more! This post will tell you everything about taking care of your mattress during monsoons so that you can sleep tension-free and enjoy this sleepy season to the fullest.

  1. Try baking soda

If dampness and moisture are proving to be a problem, then try baking soda. Baking soda is an amazing absorbing agent. It absorbs moisture and at the same time removes the odor.

For this, you will need a strainer to sprinkle the baking soda all over the mattress. Let it stay for at least 4 hours. In 4 hours, the baking soda will absorb all the excess moisture from the mattress. Now, using a hand-vacuum, clean the mattress by getting rid of the baking soda.

You need to let the mattress air out for about one hour and then spread the bedsheet on it.

Between the rains, there will be some sunny days too. During one such day, air out the mattress and let it face the sun. The sun acts as a natural disinfectant and keeps sicknesses away.

Memory foam mattress from Wakefit comes with a breathable fabric and a cool fit layer that promotes air circulation. If you have one, you needn’t worry about moisture absorption as much.

  1. Use a dehumidifier 

Dehumidifiers are a lifesaver during monsoons. Having one in the room during the rainy season means half of the battle is won. The machine keeps humidity at the minimum level while also preventing dust mites, insects, and molds from growing.

  1. Air purifier

If you are living in the Capital, then an air purifier is something you need through the year. But for the other people, an air purifier may be a very good option during the rainy season. Circulation and filtration of air will make sure that spores are kept to an absolute minimum.

Using a mattress protector

A mattress, that too a good one, is a big investment. Protecting it is key to making it last longer than usual. For this very reason, we have designed the Wakefit Mattress Protector to shield your mattress from all kinds of problems, including the ones associated with the monsoon. Who doesn’t enjoy snacking on pakodas and samosas on the bed during monsoons, eh? By using a protector you can prevent stains and marks.

The Protector fits flawlessly with the mattress and makes sure no stains or messes reach the latter. The design is waterproof so that no fluid passes through it. This improves the mattress’ hygiene, durability, and freshness.

If you are someone who loves snacking in bed once in a while or have children who have a knack of spilling things, then this product is a must. In case none of these is you, you should still get a mattress protector to keep monsoon-related problems at bay.

The mattress protector also helps you maintain hygiene by shielding against all types of allergens such as bacteria, pollen, and dust mites. This, in turn, helps make sure you don’t fall sick during monsoons.

Our mattress protectors use TPU for 100% resistance to water. However, they are not non-breathable or plasticky. The protector has a Cotton Lycra casing with an elastic strap that makes it easy for you to tuck the product on all sides of the mattress for a snug and wrinkle-free surface on top.

Every time you feel like washing the protector, you can drop it into the washing machine. It is as simple and as easy as that!

For people using a Wakefit mattress, buying the Wakefit mattress protector can solve all your monsoon bed-related woes. Invest in one immediately. 

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