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How Large Is A King Size Mattress?

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When you are out to buy a new mattress, there are so many factors to consider and many products to choose from. It is quite a challenge to choose from the various products as there are many good quality ones which offer great comfort and support. To pick from the myriad choices, the most critical thing to consider is the bed sizes and their measurements. That will ensure the mattress fits into the space you have in your bedroom, especially if you are upgrading to a bigger size that you currently own.

Whether you are upsizing or not, it is essential to know the dimensions of the mattress so that the length, width, and bed frame don’t cause any issues.

King size bed dimensions:

If you are somebody who enjoys a lot of space while sleeping, then the king-size bed is an ideal choice as it gives your great luxury to move around despite sleeping with your partner. The standard king-size bed has a dimension of 76”*80” which is 76” in width and 80” in length. In many countries like the US, they have various options like the California king-size which is of dimension 72”*84” but needs a larger room space and can’t fit into all bedrooms. Though most couples opt for a queen size, a king-size bed offers great luxury and space.

Benefits of a King-size bed:

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  • Extra space and comfort: This is the most obvious advantage of buying a king-size mattress, it offers extra space and comfort. They are wider than a double bed mattress and have few extra inches in length and width mean much more than you can imagine. It helps you to stretch your arms and legs as much as you want when you are asleep in any position you want. It is unthinkable in other beds as there is not just enough space to accommodate you and your partner and you will not have the luxury of stretching the way you want.
  • Useful if you have health issues: If you or your partner is suffering from health issues like joint pains due to arthritis or other problems then the sleeper is restless and constantly changes position in sleep by moving all the time. They not only wake up often, but that also results in waking the partner too. It can quickly become an issue, a large sleeping area that the king mattress offers can solve this problem as both will have enough room to sleep without waking each other. It also offers health benefits like relieving the pressure points irrespective of the sleeping position. It relieves you from pain due to neck, back or shoulder problems as there is enough space to move around.
  • Accommodate a large family: If you have a large family with a few kids and a dog, then you can have the entire family sleep together on a lazy Sunday in the king-size master bed.
  • Fits into your room design: You can make your bedroom look great and transform it into something new by picking a king-size bed frame, adding bedding with vibrant colours that add to the room decor.

WakeFit, a mattress expert, recommends that a quality bed is essential for a good night’s sleep. It is crucial that the bed you sleep in helps you to relax and recharge for the next day. It is also important that you get that comfort every day so that you are in great shape. Buying the most expensive mattress is not a guarantee that it is going to provide much-needed comfort. The King size bed sizes are good not because it offers more space but also because it offers many other benefits.

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