King-Size Mattress: The King Of All Sizes

The King Of All Sizes

Bigger is better especially when it comes to bed sizes. If you are considering buying a new mattress, consider buying a king-size mattress as it can resolve a wide range of issues like snoring, disturbing partner sleep, stealing covers and much more. These issues may look small but can lead to poor quality of sleep which affects the overall wellbeing of a person. Many couples think that a full-size or a queen mattress is enough but only to realize later that there is not enough room for both of them to sleep comfortably.

Why prefer King size bed dimensions?

The dimensions of a mattress vary from one country to another. Take the example of a queen-size mattress; an American Queen size mattress is 2” taller than the UK mattress and a 1 taller than its European make. So it is essential to know the dimensions of the mattress based on the country you live in. Similarly, a king-size mattress in the US has a few inches extra in the sides and length when compared to mattresses available in other countries. A standard king size bed has a dimension of approximately 76’*80′. When compared to other bed sizes, king-size offers more mobility in sleep. Consider a twin-size mattress though it is a good option for young kids after they grow out of their cribs it is ideal only if you have space constraints in the room. Many consider a double bed mattress to be a good bet as it has the name double and thus two people can sleep on it. On the contrary, it is suited for one sleeper, and it gets tough for two sleepers to fit in.

Many couples think that a queen-size mattress is ideal as it gives them enough space to sleep and also snug enough to cuddle, but if you want more space and like to sleep comfortably, then the king size is an ideal solution. Moreover, the difference in width between a king and a queen bed is only 16 but having a king-size bed gives you more space than you think.

Another major advantage a king-size mattress provides is that it gives more space to have kids and your pets snuggle along with you and your partner. It has been researched that an average sleeper tosses and turns about 60 to 70 times every night. If you or your partner has this habit, having more space will help as there is less chance of feeling their motion and disturbing the sleep of the other person. Even studies conducted by sleep experts suggest that a bigger bed is better as it enables them to get better sleep.

How to test the mattress dimensions is perfect for a couple?

A larger mattress means that you and your partner don’t feel each other motion in the bed and get a good quality sleep throughout the night each day. The best way to test if the mattress size is ideal for you or not is to lie next to each other, place your hands behind your heads with the elbows pointing out. If the elbows graze each other, then the size is just about enough, but if both elbows hit each other, then it is time to up-size. Usually, the king-size bed dimensions are the ideal size for a couple who are averagely sized as it provides enough room for both partners to sleep comfortably.

People hesitate to buy a king-size bed and instead opt for a double bed mattress or a queen. But since quality sleep is essential for a person and moreover upgrading your mattress does not cost more so it is best to invest in a larger bed. There are many companies like WakeFit which provide affordable mattresses which are of high-quality, so why settle for less space.

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