Why Buying A Best Quality Mattress Is An Investment, Not A Spend

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Buying the best quality mattress has always been a tricky decision since there are so many options available to choose from – coir, latex, foam, memory foam, etc., On top of this, there are several different companies to choose from too. So we thought why not break down the whole process of purchasing a mattress into different segments so that you can make an informed decision of buying a good mattress.

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First, let’s take a look at some basic things in terms of material to choose from that you need to be aware of:

  1. You might have heard it already, but its really important: You are not spending but investing in a product which will serve you for a good 8-10 years, and that too for about 8-9 hours a day.
  2. A good mattress has to support your body uniformly. A lot of companies advertise their products being supportive, but it is not true so many times. Bonnel spring, coir, cotton, and bonded foam are the worst in terms of back support though they are advertised as best quality mattresses a lot many times. Best options for this purpose are latex and memory foam
  3. Don’t choose a mattress that is not breathable. A mattress needs to breathe when someone sleeps on it. Coir and latex are good for this purpose, but the breathability is good only in the initial period but has a tendency to worsen after months of use. Coir typically loses 95% of its breathability after a year of use. It is equal to a bonded foam mattress in terms of breathability
  4. Don’t choose a moderate density (30-50 Kg/M3) mattress, because density plays a major role in deciding the life of the mattress. Higher density, more is its lifespan. However, in an equal amount, it starts to worsen in terms of breathability and hardness. Bonded foam and coir are generally of 75-85 density, but are worst for breathability and hardness.
  5. Don’t go for a mattress which has a cover made of Jacquard. Many brands use foam quilted fabric as the mattress top cover. Jacquard is the worst for breathability because you will sweat sleeping on it
  6. A plain cotton cover with polyester blend is far better than a foam quilted cover. Cotton covers might not be aesthetically appealing but are very comfortable for your sleep
  7. Don’t be deceived by seeing multiple layers of foam, coir, latex, because the top 2-inches of the mattress decides the comfort, and the bottom material majorly plays a role in deciding its lifespan. This is true for all types of mattresses, except for spring mattresses.

Following is the arrangement of mattresses in decreasing order of comfort i.e., first being the most comfortable and the last being the least:

(Best) Memory Foam > Natural Latex > Pocket Spring > HR Foam > Bonnel Spring > Coir > Cotton (Worst)

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Next, coming to the various brands available, you need to consider the following aspects before opting for one.

  1. The brand must offer a free trial period for you to see if it’s the right fit for you. The mattress should not just be decided by touch alone; it has to be chosen after spending some time sleeping on it.
  2. The warranty offered on a mattress should be a minimum of 5 years for a good mattress. Someone offering 1 or 2 years as a warranty is using low-quality materials in their products.
  3. See if they have an online purchase option since it involves the least amount of effort in transporting the mattress or getting the refund on time, in case it’s required
  4. Read the feedback and the reviews written for the mattress that are posted by previous customers to get an idea of how good or bad the product is. It will speak much about the company and product and define the best quality mattress.

One important thing to note is the size of the bed – A double bed mattress alone can be difficult to generalize the size. Different brands have different dimensions for double bed mattress, queen bed mattress and a single one. In general, a double bed mattress should be 78×72 inches in dimensions.

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