Can I Buy Mattress for Alleviate Back Pain From Wakefit?

Alleviate Back Pain

Backaches have become pretty common. It could be due to our hectic work schedules or sitting in front of computers the whole day. Sometimes it is also there while sleeping on a mattress which has become useless after a couple of years of usage. Maybe it’s time to buy a mattress to alleviate back pain! Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons for backaches:

  1. Back muscle strain
  2. Structural problems
  3. Poor posture
  4. Wrong mattress

The first three can be resolved with back pain relief exercises. The fourth and one of the most important reasons is what we will be trying to understand in this post. But before that, know a few back pain relief exercises so that you eliminate all reasons for your back pain. 

Back pain relief exercises

Achy back? Yoga is the safest and the best way to get back pain relief. There is great power in this ancient practice, and it stresses on strength, stretching and flexibility to give relief and enhance function. Some of the back pain yoga poses are: 

  • The downward dog pose or Adho mukha svanasana
  • Child’s pose or Balasana
  • Triangle pose or Trikonasana
  • Cat and cow pose or Chakravakrasana
  • Upward forward bend or Ardha Uttanasana
  • Upward-facing dog pose or Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief?

A lot of customers ask us – what type is the best mattress for back pain? which is the best mattress from us? Why does it pain to sleep on some mattresses? What helps back pain? This post might hold true only for 99% of the population as every body type is different, and so are their consequent requirements.

  • Does your mattress sweat in the mornings when you wake up? If yes, your mattress is not breathing! Either the mattress cover or raw material used is the issue.
  • Do you have to stretch to unlock your muscles in the morning? If yes, your mattress doesn’t support your back! Blood circulation is hampered while you’re sleeping on it. Better to buy a mattress for back pain.
  • Do you turn your sides often while sleeping? If yes, your mattress is too hard! Tossing and turning during the night is your way of getting comfortable on an uncomfortable mattress.
  • Do you snore while sleeping? If yes, that’s a good sign, at least in terms of the mattress you’re sleeping on!
  • Do you have neck aches when you wake up? If yes, that’s something related to the pillow, and the mattress will have nothing to do with it many times!
Alleviate Back Pain

We took all of the above issues very seriously and started researching them for back pain solutions. Here is what we did at Wakefit, and also all the reasons which helped us answer the question What type is a good mattress for back pain you can rely on us to buy a mattress for back pain …

  • We made a mattress cover with viscose (a natural yarn similar to cotton but more breathable) and a polyester blend. It is to be a unique combination of GSM with unique polyester and natural yarn; we learned it through testing and various hits and trials. This is one of the innovations which helped us in making the best mattress.
  • We used 2 inches of a thick memory foam layer on top. Memory foam takes the shape of your body and provides uniform support for your body throughout. The thickness and density of the memory foam were the keys to back support; we learned it with testing and various hits and trials
  • We didn’t use spring in the mattress, specifically for solving the toss and turn issue. We realized that the high-density base foam was the solution for it.
  • We designed a pillow, which you can adjust as per your requirement of sleeping position for back pain – in terms of height and softness! Sleep with your head on them, and neck aches will be a thing of the past!
Alleviate Back Pain

Wakefit has a team of professionals whose core job is just to talk with our customers and take feedback. Orthopedic Wakefit memory foam mattress is designed after researching for months and continuously implementing our learnings from invaluable customer feedback almost on a daily basis. If chronic backache is troubling you, try our Wakefit memory foam mattress for 30 days! We will prove our worth! We learn daily, we experiment daily, and we improve forever to become the best mattress brand!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Which mattress is best for back and neck pain?

Memory foam or latex mattress is the best mattress for those with back and neck pain as it provides contouring support.

  1. Which bed mattresses are recommended for people with back issues? Why?

The memory foam mattress is the best bed mattress for people with back pain. It alleviates pain by promoting spinal alignment and also cushioning the spine.

  1. Which type of bed is best for a person with lower back pain?

A medium-firm mattress is the best type of bed for those who have lower back pain.

  1. Which foam is better for back pain?

Memory foam and latex foam are the best foams for back pain.

  1. Which provides relief for lower back pain, yoga or physiotherapy?

Yoga is highly effective in bringing lower back pain relief. 

  1. What is the best sleeping position for back pain patients?

Lying on the back is the best sleeping position for those who have back pain.

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