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Best Mattress Reviews about Wakefit

Best Mattress Reviews about Wakefit

Sometimes, People get amazed by such astonishing reviews for a new brand like us and a thought cross their mind – Can it be Fake? Well, Yes it is possible if the administrator of the website is the company only. Let us share the process – How are the best mattress reviews posted on websites?

Reviews on an E-Commerce Web like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc.

Best Mattress Reviews about Wakefit

There are two types of reviews you can see on Amazon – Verified purchase and a Non-Verified Purchase. The person who bought the mattress from Amazon and put up a review will be shown as a verified purchase and the other one is just blank. If a brand has too much of no verified purchase best mattress reviews, most likely it is fake.

eBay doesn’t allow anyone to write feedback for the best mattress brand until the purchase is genuine.

Another way to judge is by writing style – Fake reviews would most likely be very specific, will be specific sentences, and nicely written. A common man doesn’t put much thought for feedback and write it casually. Example: Best Buy Pillows, Best Mattress brand, etc.

Reviews on Company’s Web

This is completely in the hand of the company and judging a company based on reviews on the company’s website is not the right way as these can be easily modified to make it look as best mattress review.

Most of the reviews on the company’s web will have 4.8, 4.9, or 5 rating – That is literally impossible for a product to achieve. Generally, a good product on Amazon will have a 4.0 to 4.7 rating. So if you see the best buy pillows on a brand website having 4.8 rating or best mattress reviews averaging to 4.8 – It is most likely that the reviews are fake.

What Wakefit does is – We speak to our customers pre & post-purchase and understand their concerns/behavior on mattress usage and help them accordingly. It is our product and customer service which helps us achieve the best mattress reviews. We believe in the utmost customer satisfaction and post-purchase service which will make us the best mattress brand.

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