Why Does A Wakefit Ortho Mattress Cost So Less?

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Why Does A Wakefit Ortho Mattress Cost So Less?

You don’t need scientists to make a bed, or exclusive showrooms, dealers, managers, and the salesperson to sell a mattress, unless it’s not worth purchasing at the price against the value offered. Wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress is designed through feedback from our customers, and marketed by our own customers. We will explain how exactly this happens in the following part of this post.

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How we save on marketing

Examples are the calls and emails from people in the US and Europe (customers who referred us from India) for the purchase of mattresses for their parents here in India. Someone from an apartment complex buys a mattress from us, and the whole complex then clamors to buy Wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress. Since our products speak for themselves, our customers have become our staunchest advocates. This might sound a bit blase, but this model has really worked out for us. Thanks to our beloved and valued customers!. It has helped us a lot in saving marketing and hence the mattress cost.

How we save on orthopedic memory foam mattress cost by not having labs and scientists

Here is what we did differently from what other brands do:

  1. Our founder had a basic knowledge of the various types of foams and mattresses available. He could have designed the mattress which other brands are producing, but didn’t go that route.
  2. Instead, we made about 20 types of mattresses with 8 different materials (Coir, Latex, Memory, Bonded, HR Foam, Cotton, Bonnel Spring, and Pocket Spring). They all varied in different combinations of thicknesses. All these different mattress types had different mattress covers too.
  3. We gave them to our family and friends (and neighbors too), collected invaluable feedback from them, and then improved upon it.
  4. Later on, our customers gave us feedback on the next version, and we changed and changed, till it reached near-perfection at 95%.

This approach to mattress production gave us immensely valuable learnings on what suits the majority of people and what they like sleeping on. We designed our mattresses accordingly. You might be surprised to see that there is a change in feeling of the ortho mattress compared to what you bought 6 months back- and if you remember hard – this is what you told us sometime back when we spoke with you. And bang on! This is such a powerful tool to learn and innovate that we have learnt on our mattress journey.

Every one of our valued customer should know this: Manufacturing foam is a very common process, and doesn’t cost a fortune. And making a mattress with those foam is a job for a few people. If we are selling it directly from the factory to our customers, it even saves money on mattress cost which was spent on dealers and shopkeepers, i.e., the middlemen and their cut of the money. If you see a mattress in the market which costs you INR 50,000/- and your are wowed by it, please don’t get swayed. A bit of research can save thousands of money for you. So always do your research before buying a mattress. And if you need an orthopedic memory foam mattress, then go for the best one available today.

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Why Does A Wakefit Ortho Mattress Cost So Less?
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Why Does A Wakefit Ortho Mattress Cost So Less?
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