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Wakefit Mattress Vs Sunday Mattress: Why Buy Mattress Online?

Wakefit Vs Sunday

Just like any other purchase, buying a mattress would also require some serious considerations like how to choose the type of mattress, what will be the price, how to check the quality, etc. If that is the case, then you should blindly go in for our mattress as we offer you a ground-breaking shopping experience that is user-friendly and hassle-free!

What Makes Wakefit the Best Mattress Online?
The main advantages of buying a  Wakefit mattress online are :
• Convenience
• Less time consuming
• Competitive pricing
• Transparent product specs
• Free delivery
• No return fees

In addition to these, we give you much more…

Best in Quality

The orthopedic mattress that we offer is a top-class product that ensures you have a proper posture as well as the much needed spine support when you are sleeping. The mattress is made out of high density foam that has the ability to give uniform support to your entire body. The fabric is also made of a breathable material that keeps away any concern you might have about dust mites or sweat.

Long Warranty

In most cases, a mattress is not something that you change quite often. Assume you buy a king size mattress and the product starts wearing off within a few years of purchase, it will break both your heart and purse! Such worries cease to exist in the case of a Wakefit mattress as the warranty is for 20 long years! Not sure if you will still love your mattress this long, but that is our gift to you for buying a high-quality product.

Buy Wakefit Mattress Online
More Smiles

We have sold memory foam mattresses and pillows to thousands of people, spreading numerous smiles. In spite of the fact that these are made of the best quality, have the best prices and an extended period of warranty, the reason why most of our customers are happy is that it simply serves the purpose – gives them a good night’s sleep!

Trial Period

Immaterial of the type of mattress that you intend to buy – be it a single bed or a queen size mattress, we offer you a free trial of not just a day or two, but a hundred (100) nights! Yes, it’s true, buy the mattress and use it for a hundred days; if you are not satisfied, there is a hundred percent no-questions-asked refund!

No Cost EMI

Today, almost every online purchase offers you Easy Monthly Instalments, but the catch is that they will charge you interest for the amount that you pay later! We offer you an EMI at no additional cost so that you can sleep comfortably without burning a hole in your pocket!

Personal Customer Assistance

Unsure of the type of mattress you need to buy? – use our customer service chat window to connect to a sales advisor who will be your guide through the purchase. In addition, if you need any quick information, we are just a phone call away to clarify all your doubts and help you make a decision with full information.

If you are looking to have a relaxing sleep, buying the mattress in the right place is equally important to choose the accurate one, order yours today to find the most-sought-after sleep!

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