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What is Beauty Sleep? 5 Top Benefits of Sleep for Your Skin

Have you ever heard your mothers saying to take a beauty nap before going to the evening party or wedding? You might be thinking what is beauty sleep actually? Well, the purpose is to get some rest so it reflects on your skin and energy as well.

Each day has a lot going on for us. From quick catch-ups to taking notes during the class, self-study, working from home, and stress; our body craves to heal. Hence, it’s important to go on being productive. And for that, the body and mind need to be feeling refreshed! Not only that but there are many benefits of sleep for skin that contributes to youth longevity.

So how many sleeping hours is recommended? To see results, it is necessary to follow a certain night routine for glowing skin and maintain a consistent sleep time. However, let’s take a deeper dive into all about the beauty nap practice!

what is beauty sleep

What is Beauty Sleep?

A beauty nap is just your regular sleep but also includes a short resting during the day. Lack of sleep causes your skin to break out or increase unwanted skin conditions like acne, eczema, etc. And you can treat all this naturally if you give yourself the time and rest that your body and skin crave throughout the day. Sometimes we ignore this practice so much that our body becomes accustomed to it. That is, we regularly feel tired during the dusk, drained after work, and the like. So, to answer your question as to what is beauty sleep, this is where the perks of sleep for skin help our body with.

5 Benefits of Sleep for Skin

Many people have questions regarding the best time to sleep for skin. And according to studies, experts suggest taking at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night and following a night routine for glowing skin. By doing so, you can experience the following benefits of sleep for skin:

Skin temperature changes

While taking our beauty nap, our skin temperature changes leaving it a bit dry. And for this, dermatologists suggest using a night cream to keep the moisture. However, if you have oily skin, then you may skip using any moisturizer or night creams before heading to bed.

Calms the mind, prevents breakouts

Sleep and mid-day naps help calm your mind. So, to answer your question about what is beauty sleep here is one important thing that benefits your skin. When your mind is calm and stress levels are down, the skin glows and prevents less secretion that leads to breakouts.

Skin ageing happens much later

Skin ageing happens generally due to lack of care, prolonged sun exposure, continuous fatigue, stress, anxiety, etc. But when you allow your body to rest in between the day besides the needed 7-hour good night’s sleep, your skin responds to it positively. Therefore, one of the benefits of sleep for skin is delayed ageing!

benefits of sleep for skin

The skin cells renew themselves

There are a lot of things that happen when you are sleeping. One is that your skin cells renew during midnight. So, when you are awake, it actually hurts your skin quality. The skin cells divide and help repair the skin during that time. So, what works best is if you follow a night routine for glowing skin before heading to sleep.

Happier mood

Now, that you know a lot about what is beauty sleep, have you noticed one thing? When you get enough sleep, your entire mood changes. And if you notice, on days when you don’t sleep well, you not only feel tired but have a terrible mood. You tend to feel negative towards any situation easily. But that’s not the case when you have rested well.  Moreover, loss of sleep can lead to clinical depression if not looked into. So, this defines the importance of sleep and how our activities are related to it.

Increased self-esteem

A simple logic: when you feel good, you look good, and when you look good, your self-esteem increases. You get satisfaction with appearance and feel more confident in who you are. With good sleep, you also feel energized to do all the things for the next day in an efficient manner with increased concentration power.

So, now that you are aware of what is beauty sleep, you can start off with taking your sleep cycle seriously and resting and taking a short beauty nap whenever possible.

What is the Best Time to Sleep for Skin?

In today’s time and routine when everything is home-based, it’s sometimes difficult to maintain a proper sleep time. But if you try to, it’s going to do wonders for your skin. The best time to sleep for skin is before midnight. It’s important to maintain our circadian rhythms as it affects the skin functioning and repair heavily.

As you are well informed about what is beauty sleep, you can jump in and start following some night routines or maintain a beauty sleep time to bring a visible difference that you can experience.

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