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Which Type Of Mattress Is The Best?

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There are numerous choices of bed mattresses available in the market along with various things to consider when you are out shopping for a new mattress. It is thus essential to know about the different mattress types that are available so that you buy something that suits your requirements. Though the mattresses available these days are affordable, yet it is essential to make the right decision which you will not regret.

A mattress is not a one-fit option, because what works for you may not work for someone else. Though they all look similar, there are many factors which contribute to its comfort and durability. To know which the best is, you need to consider a few things like the type of mattress.

Type of Mattress:

Memory Foam: These mattresses are made of memory foam and can alleviate the pressure points in your body. It adjusts to the shape of your body and helps in blood circulation thus helping you get a good night’s sleep. It is a good choice for people who have allergies as it has antibacterial properties. It comes in varied sizes, the king bed and the queen bed are two popular choices among people.

Latex mattress: They offer exceptional comfort, responsiveness, breathability and is also highly durable and lasts long. It is made of latex which is extracted from the rubber tree. A latex mattress is made with a mix of synthetic and natural latex.

Hybrid: It is a combination of the innerspring coil along with a layer of memory foam or latex. It is best for people who prefer to have a mattress with motion absorption as it isolates the motion. It also comes in single beds; double beds are other bed sizes.

Choose Based on Body Type:

Irrespective of the type of mattress you buy or the size of bed you opt for the most critical thing to look for is comfort and alignment of the body. To get the best possible comfort, you should buy a mattress that suits your body type.

  • People who are thin should choose a softer mattress as a firm mattress leads to pain.
  • If your weight is more than 90 Kg, the bed should be thick and firm. If it is too soft, the body sinks and loses alignment and causes pain in the shoulders and hip and lead to back problems. Look for a high-density foam mattress if you are a side or stomach sleeper.
  • If your body tends to get hot in the night, opt for a hybrid mattress which can absorb the heat and improve air circulation.
  • If you are a tall person, then Mattress size matters, look for California king or queen mattress which is the longest you can buy.
  • If you are a mom-to-be then choosing the right type of foam is essential as they tend to feel hot. A mattress with softer foam but of medium firmness that adjusts to the body shape helps with better sleep.

Based on the Sleeping Position:

  • Side sleeper: Look for a soft mattress as it provides support to the body
  • Stomach sleeper: A firm mattress helps in proper spine alignment.
  • Back sleeper: A medium the firm mattress to provide support to back, neck, and spine.

Everyone’s need is unique some prefer to sleep on a softer surface while others prefer a hard one. However, the important consideration to make is how you feel after waking up in the morning. If you feel fresh and energetic without any aches or pains, then the mattress suits you.

Thus it is necessary to buy a mattress after spending some time in it. WakeFit recommends that you look for a store which offers a trial period so that you can return it if the mattress is not comfortable.

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