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Flight Companion: Best Neck Pillow for Travel

best neck pillow for travel

Several people consider long flights the most uncomfortable, especially when travelling economy.

Think about it. When you travel on a long flight, you are likely to doze off. What happens when you travel without a flight pillow or best neck pillow for travel? Drooping your neck, maybe, onto someone beside you, can only make you uncomfortable. Plus, upon waking up neck pain doesn’t become a surprise.

However, there is one way to instantly upgrade from the pains of economy class to the luxury of business class, without spending a fortune. Get yourself the best neck pillow for travel and spare the pain.

Use of Neck Pillow as a Travel Cushion

Neck, shoulder, and back pain arise from sleeping in a position that hurts your neck. Even more so while travelling for long and on flights. A travel sleeping pillow is designed to place your head as well as neck in a natural position for optimal breathing.

Moreover, the common use of neck pillow is to provide the support at the time you need the most: during long flights. Dozing off is natural and mostly out of your control. Hence, people use it to avoid chances of aches as well discomfort to the ones sitting beside them.

In some cases, people use u shaped pillow for neck to avoid further pain and to soothe the existing one. That is, neck pain seems to be common among the elderly. And while resting, they trust the best pillows for sleeping to ‘have their backs’. Therefore, they use it as a neck pain relief pillow and go on about their day with safety.

Now that the purpose of a flight neck pillow is clear to you, let’s help you make the right choice of picking your ideal travel cushion.

best neck pillow for travel

Top Picks: Best Neck Pillow for Travel

It’s important to know the best pillows for neck pain and pillows for sleep in different position to understand what fits you and your neck right. That is, the material that matters for your neck’s health. Or else, neck pain can lead to drooping postures and call for a chronic health situation with ignorance with time.

Here are some of the cushions that you can make your travel sleeping pillow.

The Memory Foam Neck Pillow

A memory foam u shaped pillow for neck adjusts to the shape of the sleeper’s neck, thus adapting to any movement or jolt felt by the neck when travelling. This kind of flight pillow ensures that you feel no neck fatigue after the journey or any kind of stiffness either.

  • Durable

The memory foam neck support for travel also makes the pillow durable and easy to maintain. Since it usually comes with a cover that is easy to remove, you can keep the pillow clean and fresh, and therefore, it will last a long time. Such durability makes it the best neck pillow for travel.

  • Reduce snoring and sleep apnea

A memory foam neck pillow keeps the neck straight and resolves any obstruction in your airways. Thereby, it allows you to breathe and exhale without snoring or sounds.

Moreover, it reduces the pressure on your neck when you choose to watch a movie on your long flights or tilt your head for a nap.

The Wakefit Travel Neck Pillow

Do you experience a painful stiff feeling in the neck every time you travel? We think it is time for you to get the Wakefit Travel Neck Pillows, which allows you to nod off anywhere.

  • Firm

Our flight neck pillow is designed to keep a traveller’s comfort needs in mind. Because of the medium-firm contoured memory foam, the pillow provides your neck with the support it needs when you doze off while travelling.

The pillow comes with a discreet pouch that holds an eye mask. This eye mask is not only comfortable but also has the right darkness gradient to ensure you drift off to dreamland immediately. This is what makes it the best neck pillow for travel.

  • Hygenic

The other key area that has been Wakefit’s focus while designing the products is hygiene. Even in our best neck pillow for travel we have maintained optimum hygiene levels. This neck pain relief pillow comes with an external cover that you can remove and take for a spin in the washing machine.

The cover is made of a soft fabric that feels very comfortable against the sleeper’s skin. Also, it has a zipper, so removing the cover is not much of a hassle either.

  • Top Convenience

This stands as one of the best neck pillow for travel by Wakefit as it has an adjustable strap in the front, which was incorporated into the design to help users adjust the shape of the pillow. It has an added advantage. The strap lets the users tie the sleeping pillow to their travel bags so that they do not have to carry it separately.

This makes it more convenient plus reduces the chances of it getting lost.

Why Wakefit?

To design the ultimate sleep products for our customers, we at Wakefit have spent hundreds of hours understanding their needs, likes and dislikes. After several customer home visits and thousands of phone calls, we have gained deep insights into what the Indian sleeper wants for a good night’s sleep.

With the vision to resolve the sleep problems of our customers, we have designed the best neck pillow for travel. When travelling for a vacation or for work, the last thing you want is a crick in the neck. Our travel sleeping pillow understands that and ensures you sail through comfortably without any pain.

Don’t let travel be a pain in the neck, literally. Get yourself the Wakefit Travel Neck Pillow right now.

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