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Which mattress to buy online, Confused?

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Generally, most of us are not aware of the latest technologies/advancement in the mattress industry and are generally confused on Which one is the best mattress for the money? Well, that’s ok! because we don’t have to buy mattresses very often. This blog will help you in deciding the mattress to buy online or offline amongst best-rated mattress brands.

Imagine, you wake up in the morning and the first thing you realize is that – your mattress was hugging you all night i.e. It fills in the body contours. It is difficult to express the feeling in words but can be experienced perfectly. If such a mattress exists, We will have an answer to the question – Which mattress to buy online?

We at wakefit have worked very hard to design a memory foam mattress to perfectly suit individual requirements.  The hug feeling – It took us around 6-8 months to achieve that. Thanks to our customers who helped our team at Wakefit for providing feedback post usage of the mattress. Every single detail about the experience was critically observed and worked upon to improve the experience. Some of the examples of the feedback given by our customers in the initial days were…

1). It feels a little hot to sleep on a memory foam mattress – We worked on foam formulation and the mattress cover. Made them more breathable and hence made them cool to sleep on.

2). The mattress feels a little hard initially – We worked on densities of Foam – Made them a little softer.

3). The mattress feels like an ordinary foam – We asked them – Do you feel more comfortable compared to the last mattress – They said yes – We said – That’s what we designed it for.

4). The mattress has this smell in the initial 2-3 days – We changed the adhesives to water-based adhesives – Even if it smells – it is not hazardous.

A couple of more such feedbacks and we knew where is Wakefit heading to – An awesome sleeping experience! Our continuous learning process will lead us to the best-rated mattress brands.

Wakefit mattress within 6 months of inception started getting reviews like best mattresses for the money, the only mattress to buy online, value for money, etc. We became the best-rated mattress brand online in India in 2016!

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