Which Is The Best Mattress For Those Suffering From Chronic Back Pain?

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Which Is The Best Mattress For Back Pain?

Did you know that back pain is more common than you think? That most people who wake up with back pain (upper, middle, or lower) is due to a poor mattress? This back pain is easily avoidable, if only you know how to choose the best mattress for back pain. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress will not only give you back pain, but it will also interrupt your sleep, affecting your focus and sleep quality.

back ache
Mattress for back pain

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Points to note when choosing a mattress for back pain: A mattress which ticks the following points is the very best mattress for back pain:

  • Maximum support for spinal cord: Lower back pain is the most common among sufferers, although it can radiate from the neck down, till the spinal cord ends. When you lie down on your bed, your body gets continuous support and full contact with the mattress, which ensures that the body’s weight is evenly distributed. This helps keep your spine straight, as it should be.
  • Firm and/or soft mattress: A firm mattress can also be soft, and vice versa. However, if your current soft mattress is giving you back pain, then it’s time you looked at a firmer mattress, which would support your body more appropriately than a soft one. On the other hand, be sure to select a mattress that not too firm, which would only be counterproductive to buy a mattress for back pain problems.

So which is the best mattress for back pain sufferers?

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best mattress for back pain

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Let’s take a look at three different kinds of mattresses, and see which one works best to relieve back pain.

  1. Latex mattress: A latex mattress works well for someone who naturally sweats too much while sleeping, all thanks to its pin cores which provide relief through the night. The spongy material is somewhat firm (more than required) and pushes the body upwards, thereby making difficult to adjust itself to the natural body contouring. Thus, it doesn’t help much in relieving pressure, while trying to ensure spinal alignment. The worst part is the maintenance it requires – Absorbs moisture from the environment and starts rotting by itself.
  2. Spring mattress: Pocket spring mattresses are made of thousands of individual springs that allow the contours of the body to be supported gently. Although pocket sprung mattresses are recommended for people who love to sleep on a very soft mattress When you lie on this mattress almost 30% of the body will sink inside the mattress, and hence being uncomfortable on the long run. It doesn’t compare to the superiority of memory foam.
  3. Memory foam mattress: Since it is extremely important to maintain the spinal cord alignment when you’re lying in bed, memory foam mattress for back pain is highly recommended. It provides lumbar support by keeping the spine aligned with the mattress, as it should be, without any gaps in between. A hard base combined with a plush memory foam layer makes it the best mattress for back pain as the overall feel comes to medium firmness.

Therefore, the ideal mattress for back pain is one that is not too soft, nor too firm, which allows it to minimize the stress that is put on the spine, thereby preventing back pain.

One thing you need to understand is that there is no one single best mattress for back pain or hip pain. Remember, each individual is different, and one or the other mattress works best for back pain. What you need to do instead, is do your research, get the mattress that you think would suit your needs, and try it out for a few days. Most online mattress shopping sites provide the option of a trial period. After that, you can decide which one you’d want to invest in.

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Which Is The Best Mattress For Back Pain?
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Which Is The Best Mattress For Back Pain?
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