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What Is So Unique About Memory Foam Products?

Don’t you think the human brain is remarkable? We see things, and we remember. With great technological advancements, a lot of products around us have this ability to remember. A good example of this could be a memory foam mattress. Yes, you heard it right. Memory foam products are quite different from standard ones. Here’s why:

Memory Foam Mattresses and Pillows

It is like sand: memory foam products tend to mold to your body shape in response to pressure and then return to their original shape once the pressure is removed. 


Memory foam products, which can be a memory foam mattress or a memory foam pillow, provide health benefits by relieving pain, body aches, and soreness, as well as helping your body recover more quickly from injuries. This is achieved by the material’s ability to displace pressure from painful points in your body. Areas in pain have a slightly higher temperature than the rest of the body. A memory foam neck pillow, for instance, detects these differences and molds the shape of the neck by adding or reducing pressure to the area.

Ideal for Couples

Memory foam products like memory foam pillows, memory foam beds, etc., ensure you don’t disturb your partner by effectively absorbing surface movements.

Having said that, one of the most common questions raised by customers is, “Where can I buy Memory foam or “What is a Natural Memory foam mattress?” A good quality memory foam mattress must have the following features:

1). The memory foam thickness in the mattress should be between 1 and 1.5 inches.

2). The density should be between 50 and 65 kg per cubic meter. Not more, not less.

Also, there is nothing natural about a Natural Memory Foam Mattress; if the memory foam is made out of Natural Latex, it must be blended with a lot of chemicals. Also, it is Synthetic latex blended with Memory Foam, not natural. So, don’t be confused when someone offers a natural memory foam mattress—there isn’t any!

What is an Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress?

It is a mattress that gives the back and joints the specific support they need. It was designed for people with back problems, but it is now more than a mattress for back pain. It is made to provide great comfort and support for quality sleep. The even weight distribution prevents pressure points in the hip, neck, and back. It corrects spinal alignment and helps in promoting a healthy posture. Despite all the benefits, it is not for everyone. It has a firmer feel, and choosing the right firmness and support becomes important if you purchase an orthopedic memory foam mattress.

The common myth about natural memory foam mattresses in India is that they are expensive. In fact, memory foam doesn’t cost a fortune. At Wakefit, we don’t loot our customers by charging unfair markups. You don’t end up paying for radio and television ads, wholesaler profits, and sales commissions. We will cover how other renowned brands in India charge you exorbitant prices in the coming few articles. Stay tuned.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1 Are memory foam beds worth it?

Yes. Memory foam mattresses and pillows contour to the shape of the sleeper. It responds to pressure and heat and evenly distributes the body’s weight. That prevents the creation of pressure points, making it a comfortable bed to sleep on. 

2 What is the best mattress, spring or foam?

Foam offers good conforming and good motion isolation provides pressure relief, offers good body support, and is available in many budget ranges. 

A spring mattress, on the other hand, is affordable and offers better bounce and firmer support. The best mattress is the one that suits your needs.

3 How do you choose a memory foam pillow?

The best memory foam pillow is the one that is ideal for your body. There has to be a perfect balance between weight and firmness. The pillow should not be too heavy and hard, nor too light and soft. If you have neck pain, choose a pillow that offers support; if you are a front sleeper, then avoid firm pillows. Thus, the choice is based on your sleeping position. 

4 Can the memory foam pillow help reduce my neck or back pain?

Yes. Memory foam pillows reduce back or neck pain. That is because of the memory foam properties that provide neck support and improve sleep quality. 

5 How well does mattress memory foam actually retain support?

Memory foam mattresses offer great support to the body and hug the body. It regains its original support once the pressure is released. But the quality of the memory foam products affects how well they can maintain support. Wakefit offers premium-quality memory foam products that retain support when pressure is applied and regain shape when removed. 

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