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Selecting that one best memory foam pillow that suits your needs from amongst all the brands available, seems like a herculean task. However, if you want absolute comfort when you lie down in bed, and don’t want to wake up with a stiff neck, or worse, low back pain, then you have to be ready to put in the effort, time, and energy in finding the best memory foam pillow.

A memory foam pillow is one of the most popular types of pillows in the market right now. It’s a pillow that has a good density, provides good height and support to the neck, spine, and shoulders, and is affordable. Plus, it’s durable and is super easy to adjust its height.

best memory foam pillow

Best Memory Foam Pillow

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Benefits of Memory Foam Pillow:

Is memory foam pillow good and worth all that hype? Let’s find out!The quality and comfort that it provides are a hit amongst many people suffering from back/neck/shoulder pain.

  • It changes shape in response to body heat, making it one of the most comfortable pillows out there.
  • It contours itself to the shape of the head, giving ultimate comfort.
  • It is neither too firm, nor too soft, which makes it ideal for someone suffering from back/neck/shoulder pain.
  • Helps align the spine 
  • Using this pillow improves posture which also helps snoring
  • These pillows are known to be very durable compared to regular pillows
  • It is hypoallergenic due to the materials 

So now that you know how these pillows can help you, find the best memory foam pillow for yourself today at Wakefit!

Types of Memory Foam Pillows 

It is important to find the best memory foam pillow that is suited for you. Many brands of pillows offer a variety of shapes and styles. You need to choose the one that suits your needs the best because each type serves a different purpose. Here’s a handy guide for you to select the best memory foam pillow for yourself:

  • Traditional Pillow

This is the most popular amongst all types of memory foam pillows. They are of relatively low height, rectangular pillows, which are cut to size and are single-piece pillows. Based on the type of edge they have – the single seamed edge or double seamed edge – they offer a lot of support to the neck, spine, and shoulders. But for those struggling with constant neck or shoulder pain, an ortho pillow for neck  or a cervical memory foam pillow would be more suitable. 

  • Contour Pillow

This is a literal slab of foam that has a subtle groove and two rides that run horizontally from one side to the other. The headrests cradled in the groove, while the ridges support the neck. This makes a great memory foam pillow for neck pain. 

  • Shredded Pillow

 These pillows are oblong in shape, similar to the traditional memory foam pillows. The height is neither too low nor too high, just average, making it one of the best memory foam pillow for different sleeping positions. They contain tiny pieces of shredded foam inside that are compacted together to form the filling for these pillows, hence the name.

]Not only does the shredded foam inside allow breathability, but it also keeps it cool and airy, not making it a heat trap. The best part about a shredded pillow is that it not only gives you the advantage of a traditional memory foam pillow one but also takes care of the disadvantages like not being hard for the neck and keeps you cool throughout the night.

This is a giant triangular-shaped piece of foam, which is most commonly used to prop up various parts of the body for different purposes. The size of the wedge, along with the angle of the slope varies, based on its usage. Since it is quite conforming, it is not breathable, making it a heat trap. However, this very nature is beneficial for people suffering from respiratory problems, sinusitis, or acid reflux problems.

These are all the best memory foam pillow options available in the market right now. So you need to do your due diligence and then invest in the best memory foam pillow brand that suits you.

Best Memory Foam Pillow Vs Regular Pillow

  • One of the main benefits of  memory foam pillow over a regular pillow is that it moulds into the shape of your body, thereby allowing you to sleep in a better posture at night. A regular pillow is more firm and could sometimes be uncomfortable.

  • In terms of pricing, a memory foam pillow can cost slightly more than a regular pillow due to its materials. However, it is possible to find a decent memory foam pillow that fits within your budget.

  • If you prefer a firm mattress or pillow then a regular pillow may work better than a memory foam pillow as they are more harder. However, if you struggle from back or neck pain occasionally, then a memory foam pillow for neck pain would work better for you. A cervical memory foam pillow or an  ortho pillow for neck is also suited for those with neck pains.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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