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Wakefit Shredded Memory Foam Pillow - Made with Removable Bamboo Cover

INR 799.00 ( per unit )

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  • Pillow Feel : Fluffy and medium firm
  • Warranty : 2 Years manufacturer warranty
  • Shipping : from factory
  • Care : Machine washable for hygiene
  • Material Type : 400 GSM Cotton cover (washable)
  • Fill : Shredded memory foam for best neck support
  • Offers - 0% (No Cost) EMI

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The best warranty
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The Pillow

The Pillow Design The Pillow Design

Our Research Findings

Our Research Findings

Pillow preferences are extremely varied in nature. The preferences are primarily on two dimensions height (tall to flat) and firmness levels (firm to fluffy). After numerous iterations, we have designed the perfect pillow that works for all - quite simply, these are "do-it-yourself" (DIY), ensuring that every single person's preferences are met.

You can add or remove fill to make it taller or flatter; you can also stuff it tightly or more loosely to get a firmer or softer feel respectively. For the first time, you have complete control on how your pillow feels after a long day!


Different people have different preferences for pillows. Some like to sleep with a thicker pillow, some with a very thin one and some even without it. But we took up the challenge of creating the Best Memory Foam Pillows Online in India that would suit all such requirements. We thought of making a pillow that you can adjust yourself on the basis of your own requirement – both in height and in hardness. Basically we designed a DIY pillow - Do It Yourself Pillow. You can choose to adjust the height of the pillow by manually adjusting the memory foam pieces inside the pillow and make it comfortable to your needs. Shredded memory foam is a new technology which gets you the benefit of memory foam i.e. taking shape of your neck and help you align spinal cord with it. It also gets you the special benefit of extra breathability with memory foam.

Customer Love

quotes Probably, it would be too soon for me write this review...however I have to. What would u look when you wanna buy any product, that the quality should be good...price should be economical and vendor should have a good customer service and lastly if you are buying it online than delivery should be quick. Wake fit is like on spot for all these aspects....this mattress is awesome...pillows are awesome, go to any other the price..and you will know that prices of wakefit products are so less. and they have an amazing customer support...I had some issues regarding payment....I called them, they 'listened, understood and helped as per my need (kind of lost art these days)', and one day delivery... which is like the silver lining to all experience...the delivery guys came, no complaints that they had to carry it to three floors...very soft spoken, unpacked it...kept it nicely....took the money and went. no drama of asking for tips, no faces and all that......of course I had to tip them for such great service and I did that!! I am sure Wake fit will continue to sustain this kind of experience for my next purchase and for other customers.. Great job guys!! #makeinIndia quotes

Adarsh Katta 08 August 2017

quotes Pillow is a must buy from wakefit. I love there idea. Not just the best mattress but I should say pillow is equally good. Surely no one gives you 5 years warranty for a pillow. Wakefit does!

It's adjustable and I can make it fluffy, flat however I'm comfortable. They are so squishy ????????
Pillow cover they provide is same as the mattress cover, which is really of a good quality.

You wouldn't feel too warm like other pillows. It's very good during all times. I have seen people using gel pillows. I myself wanted to get one but wakefit pillows are really good. Just go for it.

Thank you wakefit! You guys are awesome!

Soujanya Lakshman 22 June 2017

Customer Questions & Answers

  • A
    Bamboo belongs to Natural yarn family like cotton but is more effective and premium than cotton as it has better breathability and soft touch feeling.
  • A
    Surprisingly Yes! You can actually put the whole pillow in washing machine and dry it under son. It will help you maintain the Hygiene a much better way.

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