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Is Queen Size Bed Enough For Two People?

queen size mattress

There are many reasons for purchasing a new queen size mattress for your bedroom, it can be because you are not comfortable sleeping on it as it is old, you are moving in with your partner, or are unable to snuggle in with your kid on a lazy Sunday morning. Irrespective of the need for buying a new bed, the most pertinent thing to find out when you check a mattress online or in a store is the bed size especially if you share your bed with a partner.

Why is a Queen Size Mattress Best For Couples?

The queen size bed options have the right mix of comfort, cost-effectiveness, and comfort. The queen-size bed mattress dimensions are such that it gives enough space for the couples to snuggle as well as get enough personal space. However, before deciding on the queen size bed mattress consider the following factors:

queen size mattress

Mattress size and the sleeper size: Before deciding on the size of the bed, it is essential to consider the size of the couples. For an average male, a full-size or even a twin-bed mattress is too short and the feet will either hang on the edge or will have to curl up. The standard length of these mattresses is 75 inches so it may not be a great choice for people who are taller than 5’5’’ inches. For anyone taller than that height or who prefers more space to stretch to get a comfortable sleep, the queen size bed mattress is a perfect choice.

Is the Queen Size bed Mattress right for you? 

The queen size mattress dimensions start from 72’’*60’’ inches. It is a bed that is a great combination of  cost-effectiveness, size, and comfort. The queen size mattress is ideal for couples. There is enough room to stretch. And, it is easy to reach out to your partner for some snuggling time. Moreover, the queen size mattress dimensions fit in a bedroom of modest size and still have enough space for other bedroom furniture. The queen-size bed mattress is not only suitable for couples, but a single person who likes to spread out or toss and turn around in sleep can also buy one.

Bedroom size: Before purchasing a queen size bed mattress to sleep on, it is essential to know if the bed fits into your room. Take into consideration door clearance, drawers, staircases or other furnishings. To find out if the queen size mattress dimensions fit into your room use floor tape and measure the bedroom to see if it fits properly with enough space to walk around it. If you have larger room dimensions instead of beds queen, beds king size can also be purchased. 

Consider your partner: If you sleep on the mattress as a couple with a partner it is essential to have enough space for the two of you. A full-size mattress dimension may not be the right choice if that is the case when compared to the queen size mattress dimensions as you both will have to really squeeze yourself to fit into it. Moreover, if you or your partner move around in the bed it can disturb the other person’s sleep. A queen-size bed mattress is ideal as it provides enough space for both to get good quality sleep.

Think of the future: When you are upgrading to new mattress dimensions, it is essential to consider both the current needs and the future requirements. A queen-size bed mattress is a considerable investment and a good quality one lasts 8 to 10 years so you should keep the potential future needs also in mind while purchasing. For example, you may buy a single bed for your child’s bedroom, but very soon he/she will need more space or if you have a steady partner and may someday move-in with you then you will need more space in the bed to sleep. Having a queen size bed mattress also helps to save money in the future if you make the right choice now and look to buy queen size mattress dimensions rather than buying a smaller sized bed.

There is no one perfect option when it comes to bed size as it varies on the taste, space and personal choice of the couples. However, it is recommended that you get the size that suits the body type and room size. An average Indian home can easily accommodate queen-size bed dimensions so space may not be a constraint, it is more of a personal choice. 

Queen size bed mattress is the most popular choice among consumers as it provides enough space for two people to sleep, and is also the queen size mattress dimensions are long enough for an adult of average height, and still provides space in the bedroom. If you are still in need of answers to your queries, contact a mattress expert like Wakefit who will help you make the right decision.

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