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Features About Queen Sized Mattresses

Mattresses come in different sizes. Since bedrooms are of varying sizes across the country, customers prefer to have a choice in choosing the mattress size so that it leaves them with enough free space in their room to be able to move around without any restriction. Most top mattress manufacturing companies like Wakefit stick to standard size measurements to make it easier for their customers to pick a size that they require.

The standards sizes in which mattress are available all over the world are:

  • Single Mattress:  Single mattresses come in sizes varying from 72” by 30” to 75” by 42”.
  • Double Mattress:  Double mattresses come in sizes varying from 72” by 48” to 78” by 48”.
  • Queen size mattress: They comes in sizes ranging from 72” by 60” to 78” by 66”.
  • King Size Mattress:  King Size mattress comes in sizes varying from 72” by 72” to 78” by 72”.

In case you require a custom sized mattress, you can approach any one of the top mattress manufacturing companies and get it done easily.

A queen size mattress is often preferred by couples who like to snuggle up to one another and prefer the extra space around their bed to move around their room easily. So if you plan on including their furniture like a dresser, a reading chair, night stands and so on within your bedroom, it might be a good idea picking a queen size mattress.

Double Mattress Vs. Queen Size Mattress:

A standard queen size mattress offers an additional 7 inches width and 5 inches length than a double mattress. Although the number of inches might seem small, the few extra inches mean extra space for you and your partner to sleep together comfortably. Interestingly, a queen size mattress is the most popular mattress size in recent times, especially for a teenager’s room, the guest room, a single person or even a couple. Since the queen size bed dimensions are standard, it is easy to find quality bed sheets and other bedside accessories that go well with any décor.

With space becoming a constraint in most cities and towns, houses and apartments have started becoming smaller in size. This is why the queen size is one of the most popular mattress sizes. It fits into a moderately sized room and leaves enough space for any additional furniture. It allows you enough free space within the room. After all, nobody wants to have a large mattress that takes up the whole room, leaving no space to walk around freely.

Another factor that plays an important role in picking out a mattress is its firmness. Mattresses generally come in Very Firm, Medium Firm, and Firm models. Your and your partner’s body weight needs to be considered while deciding on the firmness of the mattress. If both of you are on the heavier side, it is a good idea to pick a mattress that is thicker and firm. This enables the mattress to bounce back into shape after you get up. It also prevents the mattress from sagging and becoming lumpy. However, if both of you are on the lighter side, you can use a thinner mattress without causing it too much wear and tear.

Queen size mattresses come in different thickness and firmness levels, it has become very easy to find a mattress that suits your requirements and is not too heavy on the pocket. Plenty of e-commerce websites offer mattresses online at affordable costs with free delivery as well as trial periods. So stop wasting time and replace your old mattress with a brand new queen mattress to find nocturnal bliss and improve your overall health.

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