Mattress Shopping: Tips For Pregnant Women

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The human body undergoes rapid changes during the pregnancy period. Your body requires plenty of rest and nutrition to help the fetus grow healthy and active. This is not possible without getting quality sleep. Pregnancy takes a significant toll on your body, emotionally as well as physically.

If you are finding it harder to get nocturnal bliss during your pregnancy period, it might be time to consider investing in the best mattress in the market.

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Importance Of Sleep During Pregnancy:

Medical professionals all over the world agree that sleep is essential for the health of a pregnant woman and her baby. As soon as the first trimester starts, many pregnant women start experiencing exhaustion. This is your body’s way of letting you know that you need plenty of quality sleep and rest. Expectant moms are often advised to take afternoon naps and sleep well during the night. As you move on to the second and third trimester, the need for quality sleep becomes more evident.

Reasons For Sleep Deprivation Among Pregnant Women:

According to recent statistics, around 75% of pregnant women struggle to get quality sleep, especially during the last trimester. Frequent wakefulness caused by a full bladder, sleep apnea, snoring, nausea are a few reasons why pregnant women find it difficult to sleep peacefully through the night. The symptoms often manifest themselves during the first trimester and worsen in the following trimesters.  Some pregnant women even experience depression, anxiety, and even panic attacks during their gestation period. It is also difficult to find a good sleeping position when you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy. If your mattress is old and sagging it worsens the situation, leaving you feeling tired every morning and unable to get quality sleep. The mattress prices in India are affordable these days, making it easier to buy a new mattress.

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Picking A Comfortable Mattress During Pregnancy:

In order to enjoy uninterrupted sleep while you are pregnant, it is essential to find a comfortable mattress.  Top mattress manufacturers like Wakefit have come up with a wide range of mattresses to satisfy customers with different requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the features that will ensure that mattress offers enough support to you and your little one:

  • Thickness:  Although the thickness of a mattress is more of a personal preference, pregnant women can benefit from thicker mattresses as they are easier to sit down on and get up from.
  • Cool Surface:  Many women feel hot during the pregnancy period. A mattress with a cooling layer will help lower their body temperature, allowing them to stay in a deep sleep state and help the fetus grow healthy and strong. The gel foam used in the top layer cools the body regardless of the weather.
  • Conform:  The ability of the mattress to conform to the body of the sleep also plays a big role while picking out a mattress during your pregnancy period. It will offer your body ample support and relief from pressure points as well.
  • Medium Firmness:  Frequent urination is often experienced by women, especially during the last trimester. This causes them to wake up frequently to empty their bladder. A medium-firm mattress enables them to get up from the bed with enough support. You can also buy a mattress online if you are not able to visit a retail store in person.
  • Restricted Motion:  Since pregnant women suffer from frequent wakefulness, it can affect the sleep quality of their partners as well. A memory foam bed will be able to absorb the motion and also distribute the weight properly.
  • Edge Support:  If you plan on sitting on the edge of your mattress frequently make sure you choose a mattress that offers plenty of edge support. This will prevent the mattress from sagging along the edges too soon.

If you find a mattress for sale that conforms to all the points mentioned above, go ahead and invest in it. After all, a mattress will last from seven to ten years depending on how well you take care of it.

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