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Wake up without an alarm clock, here’s why

The alarm clock is a part of numerous productivity listicles. Most people consider a morning where you are jerked out of sleep by an alarm shrieking into the silence as a prerequisite for productivity. Many sleep experts today, however, reject this line of thought. In this post, we discuss some of their sleep tips

Waking up with an alarm clock is one of the most anxious ways of starting the day. When we are woken up unnaturally, we are groggy. This period of dizziness is called sleep inertia, which may last for fifteen-odd minutes, or even go beyond an entire day if you are woken up without completing your sleeper woken up from deep sleep. When sleep inertia lasts longer than usual due to interrupted sleep, it can have detrimental effects on your mental function. 

Waking up with an alarm clock also hampers your internal clock, which, in turn, is linked with obesity. Waking up without an alarm, on the contrary, helps you learn how to use your circadian rhythms to your advantage. It trains your brain to produce the right levels of melatonin at the right time. This way, your body feels sleepy and alert on its own without any artificial assistance. 

When planning to wake up without an alarm, you need to first decide what time you need to sleep in order to wake up naturally without getting late for work. Daniel Gartenberg, assistant adjunct professor in biobehavioral health at Penn State says that we should sleep for 8.5 hours. Setting that as a target, you need to plan what time you need to hit the bed if you want to get the right amount of sleep without missing a day at work. 

To fall asleep as soon as you hit the sack, and asleep habit you can develop is to avoid electronic devices at least an hour before bed. The blue light from these devices tricks the brain into believing that it is still daytime. As a result, it secretes less melatonin to keep you awake. To avoid this, keep devices at bay an hour or a couple of hours before bed. This way, you will be developing the best sleep pattern where you fall asleep on time, get the right amount of sleep, and wake up naturally during the light phase of sleep after having completed your 8.5 hours. 

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