Here’s Why Sleeping 9 Hours Every Night Is Beneficial

Do you think sleeping nine hours is an impossible dream? Do you think sleep duration has nothing to do with how happy, relaxed and productive you feel the next day? Maybe this post will change your mind, and in doing so, change your life!

Sleeping well involves both quality and duration. Staying in bed for a long time because you couldn’t sleep all night or because your sleep was interrupted several times as a result of stress or your partner’s constant tossing, does not count as good sleep. 

We are talking about 9 hours of uninterrupted healthy sleep, from which you Wakefit and fresh! 

Benefits of sleeping 9 hours every night

Here is why sleeping for nine hours every night can do you a world of good.

  • It strengthens your immune system 

Getting an uninterrupted nine-hour sleep every night will help improve your immunity. 

When we sleep, cytokines are secreted by our immune system. These are compounds that help protect against inflammation. Also, they help ensure we don’t get sick often. 

  • It helps manage appetite. 

By sleeping regularly for nine hours, you can manage your hunger pangs better. 

Bad sleep causes the brain to signal to the rest of the body that it is hungry and needs food. These pangs lead to unnecessary binging which can hamper your health by causing cholesterol levels to rise. 

  • It averts the risk of diseases.

Lack of good sleep is linked to a number of diseases, from diabetes to hypertension. Also, there are so many illnesses that take root due to lack of sleep, such as sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, hypersomnia, etc. 

To keep yourself safe from all of this, we recommend getting nine hours of uninterrupted healthy sleep. 

How to sleep better?

One of the best but often neglected ways to get better sleep is investing in a good mattress. But what is a good mattress?

According to us at Wakefit, a good Sleep Mattress is one that is both comfortable and supportive. One that conforms to the body shape of the sleeper, such that no matter what sleeping position you go for, the mattress will support you equally. Also, the mattress also distributes the bodyweight of the sleeper uniformly so that no pressure points are created in the neck, shoulders, and hips of the sleeper. This mattress should be hypoallergenic, which means it should not let any dust, molds, mites, etc. settle on its surface or seep into its layers. The mattress also allows you to sleep cool throughout the night because of its superior cooling technology. It offers motion separation too.

But where can you find the best mattress in India? Well, your search has ended. Wakefit’s Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress offers all of these features and more. The most important quality of this mattress that we decided to save for the last is its spinal alignment. Our Ortho mattress with memory foam will maintain your natural spinal alignment throughout the nine hours that you sleep peacefully. This, in turn, leads to better sleep and also ensures no postural defects are caused later. The mattress is medium-firm and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years.

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