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The Wakefit Back Support Pillow Is For Everyone

Back Support Pillow

People assume that a back support pillow for bed or the lumbar support pillow is beneficial only to people who have a back ailment as a consequence of some injury or old age.

Is this true? Not really! These pillows are not only a pillow for back pain but for all types of people. 

A Back support pillow for bed is also a great pillow for back pain for people with sedentary lifestyles, which is almost all of us today. If you have a job that necessitates you to sit in the same position for most of your hours or have frequent back pain then a lumbar support pillow or a pillow for back pain could be the best gift you could get yourself.

This lumbar support pillow or the pillow for back pain can be used while watching TV as well, to give the back the support it needs and relieve back pain if you are suffering from it while you sit in one position for a long time. The back pillow for chair is also ideal for people who sit for long hours. 

Back Support Pillow

Apart from supporting the back, the lumbar support pillow and the back pillow for chair also helps to align the neck and the hips bringing back pain relief if you have such pains and aches and hence ideal as a pillow for back pain. As a result, a correct posture is ensured by the pillow for back pain. Not many people realize this, but most of our back-related troubles are caused by bad posture. When we sit in one position for a very long period without proper support, our lower back has to bear most of our upper body’s weight leading to back pain. Placing a back support pillow in your chair or a specifically designed back pillow for chair alters this, thus allowing you to maintain proper posture, which these support cushions, in turn, ensures that no back pain is caused. 

Wakefit Back Support Pillow

At Wakefit, all sleeping products have been designed keeping the customers’ needs and wants in mind. The lumbar support pillow or the back pillow for chair is no exception. These have been created after hundreds of home visits, and several phone calls with sleepers and users of our back pillow for chair and back support pillow for bed who prioritize their sleep above everything else (as they should!).

Apart from using the Wakefit Back Support Pillow in chairs at work and/or home, these can also be placed in your car seats for a comfortable drive not to mention it works best as a back support pillow for bed or even as a normal pillow. The back pillow for chair is easy to place and easier to remove, which makes it a boon for people who have to drive long distances for work.

Does the lumbar support pillow affect sleep? Yes, and positively! By allowing good posture and spinal alignment, these pillows improve the quality of one’s sleep too. Our design offers the most ergonomic support to the back, alleviating all sorts of discomfort making it an ideal bed pillow for back pain as it relieves back pain

This pillow for back pain has a soft velvety cover so that it feels comfortable to touch and gives your back a more luxurious experience. The same holds true for the back support pillow for bed, it has a soft cover for a comfortable feel. The external cover of the bed and chair pillow has a zipper. Because of this, you can easily remove the external cover and give it a wash. This helps maintain the hygiene and freshness of the lumbar support pillow. Also, it is easy to put it back on and zip it up.

The back support pillow for bed is made in such a way that it is extremely breathable which means you do not sleep hot at night. It allows enough air circulation and wicks away moisture keeping you cool day or night. That is because the pillow has hollow space between fibres so it not only is useful for people with back pain but also for everyone else.

The back pillow for chair and the lumbar support pillow comes with an elastic band. This was incorporated into the design so that the pillow for back pain is held in the correct position where you are using it in your office chair or in the car seat.

Another important feature of Wakefit back support pillow for bed and the back pillow for chair is the durability. The pillow for back pain is not just resilient and provides support, it is also durable as it does not form lumps like other types of pillow for back pain.

The most important feature of the pillow for back pain or lumbar support pillow for bed and chair, however, is the memory foam used to make it. Due to the memory foam, Wakefit’s Back Support Pillow as well as the back pillow for chair contours the back of the person using it. As a result, it adapts to the latter’s shape, and therefore, gives them the ultimate support and comfort that a back support pillow for bed should provide.

You can purchase the Wakefit Back Support Pillow, here.

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