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Picking Out A Durable Mattress

Picking a mattress is one of the first tasks you need to get done when you move to a new place. Since you spend the most time on a bed mattress than any other piece of furniture, it is only natural to purchase one that offers plenty of comfort and support. After all, nobody wants to end up waking up every morning with stiff joints and back pain. With top mattress manufacturing companies like Wakefit coming up with different types of quality mattresses at affordable prices, purchasing a new mattress has become an easy job.

Mattress Type:

Orthopaedic memory foam mattress

Here are a few of the popular kinds of mattresses in the market at the moment:

Memory Foam Mattress: The foam in this type of mattress can alter its shape when it touches the human body. This is one of the main reasons why this mattress is considered as one with the best comfort. Ideal for those who have stiff joints or chronic pain, the mattress has the ability to absorb movement. Another advantage of memory foam mattress is that you can sleep without any disturbance even if your partner has the twist-n-turn sleeping pattern.

Dual Comfort Mattress: A mattress that has two different layers and provides the best comfort to your body is called as the dual comfort mattress. The topmost layer of the dual comfort mattress is made as a breathable layer so that it can keep your body cool. The foam layer that is below this layer gives you comfort when you change from one sleeping position to another. The layer at the bottom is firmer and provides much-needed support for your back and neck.

Orthopedic Mattress: Orthopedic mattresses are those that have been developed by professionals to give your body proper support in addition to comfort. People who are suffering from chronic back pain or have undergone any major surgery in the body will be advised to use this type of mattress. Sportspersons who have suffered from major injuries will benefit from the orthopedic mattress.

Sleeping Position:

Sleeping positions also play a role in deciding which mattress will offer your body more comfort and support. If you prefer to sleep on your side, your body needs a mattress that offers pressure relief. A memory foam mattress will be a great choice as it conforms to body shape and helps avoid pressure points from forming.

If you prefer to sleep on your back, you will need a firm mattress that can keep your spine in its natural alignment. An orthopedic mattress is a great solution as it has been designed specifically to offer support to your back without compromising on comfort.

People who prefer to sleep on their stomachs need to avoid a memory foam mattress. A dual comfort mattress will work well as it has different layers that offer the right amount of support to your body.

In case you have purchased a mattress that does not come with a top cooling layer, you can always invest in a mattress topper that has a gel layer for extra comfort and a cooling effect at the same time.

With online mattress shopping made easy with plenty of e-commerce websites offering excellent deals, it has become as easy as ABC to buy a mattress online. These websites also offer free delivery. They also offer trial periods if you want to try out a mattress before deciding whether to finalize your choice of mattress. Since you will be spending seven to eight hours every day on the mattress, it is crucial to pick one that offers plenty of support without compromising on comfort.

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