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5 Nasty Things Your Old Bed Could Be Hiding

Do you make your bed every day after you wake up in the morning? Does this make you believe that you have managed to get rid of all the germs and dirt from the surface of the bed? Well, if you think it does, you are highly mistaken. An old bed or mattress is hands down, the dirtiest thing in your bedroom. Over time, not only do dust and dirt accumulate on the mattress; there are many other particulates and microbes, which comfortably settle down in your mattress like they do in your carpets.

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Read on for more trivia on 5 of the most highly nasty organisms which might be found hiding in the old bed/mattress in your room:

  1. Campylobacter – This microbe thrives and grows during the winter months in particular. When dampness is tracked in the galoshes, it attracts the bacteria, causing problems. The disease caused by the bacteria is known as campylobacteriosis. Elderly people and children, who have a compromised immune system, are more prone to fall prey to this bacterial infection. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, cramping, and fever are common symptoms of this bacterial infection.
  1. Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus – This bacterium is considered the superhero in the bacterial world. This strain of bacteria is resistant to penicillin. In most households, this bacteria can be found on not just carpet, but on the mattress as well. If you have an athlete or a fitness enthusiast at home, who loves frequenting the gym or a fitness center, you are sure to have this bacterium in the house. The gym bag in which gym essentials are carried is usually placed in the locker room in the gym, and it is the place from where the microbe clings to the bag and reaches home. Also, sweaty feet carry the germs and when placed on the carpet or on the bed, transfer them easily. Healthy people carry these microbes for hours and also for years. Red bumps are caused, which become large and painful over time. Fever, accompanied by rashes, is common. Proper treatment is needed to treat this infection.
  1. Fungi and mold – You will be surprised to know how much mold and fungi reside in your old bed or mattress. Various kinds of molds and fungi can invade your home, especially during the damp months. These microbes can lead to various kinds of serious allergies, and in severe cases, they might cause death as well. Some of the most common kinds of molds and fungi include Rhizopus, Aspergillus, Alternaria, Cladosporium, Geotrichum, which can be found in almost all old mattresses in the house.
  1. Norovirus – Norovirus is popularly known as the Norwalk virus. The symptoms caused by the virus mimic the symptoms of stomach flu or food poisoning. This virus can live and thrive in the mattress or in the carpet for about four to six weeks. This virus is airborne and is easily transmitted when people roll on the bed or walk on the carpet. If you haven’t cleaned your mattress in months, you can be sure the norovirus has made itself cozy in your bedding. This virus thrives where there are dust and dirt.
  1. Enterococci – This is a normal bacterium, which is present in the intestine. However, there are species that can lead to serious infections in people. Some of the symptoms caused by an infection due to this bacteria include bacteremia, urinary tract infections, diverticulitis, bacterial endocarditis, etc. The most dangerous thing is that many strains of the bacteria are highly resistant to any kind of treatment.

Hence, it’s vital that you thoroughly clean the bed and mattress and carpet from time to time to keep these microbes at bay.

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