8 Essentials For A Lasting Charm In Kitchen Remodeling

kitchen remodeling

People start on a kitchen remodeling project as their current one looks outdated or is not functional enough. Additionally, smart storage solutions and modern upgrades make it look aesthetically pleasing and functional. But it has to be incorporated strategically to help in better organisation and boost the style and convenience quotient. Kitchen makeovers give an excellent opportunity to have your preferred appliances and gadgets to make cooking less time-consuming and easy. Here are some essential kitchen remodelling ideas to transform an ordinary kitchen into an organized one.

1. A No-Nook Kitchen

One of the most common features in a kitchen of yesteryears is to have a cute little nook for landline phones. It used to come with a writing desk and a seat. This was a feature that was in great trend a decade back, but if you still have them, it shows that your kitchen has not been given an upgrade from then until now. Having those nooks those days made a lot of sense as landlines with extensions were a fashion. But these days, neither bulky TVs nor landlines are functional. Also, people don’t sit down and write recipes; instead, they jot down on their smartphones or record them. So removing these nooks is one of the good kitchen renovation ideas as that space can be used effectively in some other way. Some of the ways to use them are to use them as a home office, as a playroom, make a reading space, or add extra storage.

2. Include Modular Kitchen Accessories

The term modular kitchen is used when you make a modern layout of cooking spaces that are new age. The design includes various types of storage spaces and cabinet designs, with a primary focus on effectively utilising space. Apart from that, they look classic and elegant, making everyday cooking enjoyable. Many interior design ideas can be implemented based on your functional, storage, and creative needs. Here are some of the common ideas for modular designs for kitchens. 

  • Drawer systems: Opt for this if you want most of the storage under the counter. Storage trolley with drawers is a multipurpose storage option.
  • Tall units: These are ideal for storing groceries. These are versatile shelves that can fit into a corner of your kitchen. 
  • Pull-outs: These are designed for narrow open shelves. Pull-outs are similar to drawers but fit in narrow spaces. 
  • Cutlery trays: These are compartments that can store forks, rolling pins, spoons, etc. These are used for keeping things handy, clutter-free, and organised. 
  • Corner racks: These are ideal for your kitchen corner. This helps to make the best use of corners while giving you storage and beauty. 

3. Use Ample Lighting

When remodelling the kitchen, consider installing multiple layers of light as one of the great kitchen decor ideas. When you have multiple fixtures, it adds to the aesthetics apart from being functional. Here are some choices 

  • Ceiling lighting over countertops or worksurfaces
  • Direct lights above walls and stoves
  • Task lighting if you have an island or above the sink
  • Pendant lights to make a style statement
  • Under cabinet lights for better usability
  • Wall-mount lamps for work areas

4. Stylish Faucets

These come in many styles, finishes, and sizes. Please choose the one you need from the many choices as per their functionality and aesthetics. Make sure to consider the sink’s size and location and the kitchen decor when choosing the faucet. This helps to give a cohesive and beautiful look. 

5. Go for an Open Kitchen.

One of the popular designs trending even a few years back was pot racks and huge range hoods in the middle of the kitchen. But today, whether in New York or New Delhi, this is out of fashion. The latest trends favour an open kitchen concept. Additionally, an open kitchen has a classic and timeless quality to it. There is less clutter in your kitchen as there are no ugly-looking collections of your pots and pans hanging on the walls. These can go into the roll-out drawers.

While making these drawers, if you have deep-set cabinets, consider using full-extension drawers, as that makes accessibility easy. It allows you to reach items stored at the back and prevents digging. Suppose there is an option for customisation look to have drawers with high backs and sides to stack bakeware and plates. Use a kitchen drawer organizer to store your kitchenware properly. 

6. Pot and Utensil Racks

Even a simple kitchen design in Indian style will have a huge collection of utensils, pans, and pots. One of the inexpensive ways to store them is having a rack under the cabinet. This will free the space in your cabinet and also on the counter. Customize this idea to fit your preferences and needs. 

7. Plan your Thrash Area

Wet waste and even dry waste is an inevitable part of any kitchen. If you have pets, then extra care must be taken regarding trash cans, as keeping them accessible means constantly cleaning up their mess. Additionally, garbage bins occupy a lot of floor space. Incorporate cabinets with compartments for your waste containers. These can be under the sink, in a pantry, or have a pull-out drawer. Also, consider having separate trash bins for compost and recyclables and mats for the kitchen for easy cleanup.

 8. Go for a Complete Backsplash

A kitchen of yesteryears usually had a 4-inch backsplash. To make your kitchen look new, go for a complete backsplash. That means have it at the bottom of the cabinets. These are not very expensive but make them a convenient and practical choice as kitchen essentials for a new kitchen. 

Renovating your kitchen becomes easy when you incorporate the above ideas. It not only adds efficiency but also gives a freshness to the kitchen. So cooking in your remodelled kitchen is a choice and not a compulsion!

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