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Holi Decoration Ideas

Holi Decoration Ideas

Spring is the season of colours, and it becomes more colourful with festivities like Holi. Holi, the festival of colours, is celebrated in many eclectic ways. But there is one thing in common, and that is vibrant home decorations. Spring is welcomed with great pomp with Holi. If you have not thought about Holi decoration ideas for your home, then you are in the right place. Read below a few Holi decoration ideas for home and office to have a more colourful festival. 

Jazz up the Walls with Wall Art

If you have a plain or dull, boring wall in your house, jazz it up with this Holi decoration idea for your home with some cultural patterns and shapes. These will create a festive spiritual theme while adding more colours to the wall. Plus, it adds to the festive vibes for your family and the guests. If you want to add something more, then you can choose vibrant wall art. When it comes to wall art, there are a gazillion things that you can add as Holi decoration ideas. Choose bright and colourful wall art for a festive but striking look. Or simply hang an artistic wall clock to charm your guests. The same idea can be used as Holi decoration ideas for your office. 

Spruce up with Vibrant Cushion Covers and Curtains

After all the rituals and fun activities that you do during Holi, you need a place to sit and enjoy in comfort. So if you are in the mood, splurge on cushions, or if not, at least change the cushion covers into something cheerful and colourful. Since Holi is the festival where there is great adrenalin and energy, place fancy cushions to stand out from the crowd. Cushions not only add comfort but also makes the space look more attractive.

You may also want to pick a few elegant and colourful curtains for your living room and bedroom as part of Holi decorations ideas at home. Choose patterns and colours that are playful and joyous. To make this Holi decoration idea even better, add crystal bowls with petals and floating candles and put them on the living room centre table. Apply the same idea as Holi decoration ideas for your office. 

Drape the Floor with Beautiful Area Rugs

The floors are an oft-neglected area when choosing Holi decoration ideas for your home. Area rugs create wonders when placed on the floor. They come in many patterns and designs to match various decors and help to draw attention to the floors. When choosing area rugs or carpets, ensure that you go with something that is easy to clean. So that even if there are any stains after your party, it is easy to clean. There are many beautiful rugs that can add a sheen to your Holi decoration at home. 

Beautiful Lighting

Holi decoration ideas for your home without lights are impossible, as Holi calls for vibrant lighting. Lighting up the focal point of your home gives great vibes and infuses energy that is to be witnessed. One can choose the pendant light, metal hangings or beautiful terracotta. Paper lanterns hung from the ceiling are also a good lighting choice. This can also be a good Holi decoration idea for your office. Then there are the traditional string lights that can be used as Holi decoration outdoor ideas by strategically placing them all over the house for beautiful lighting. 

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Brighten the Corners with Flower Vases

Have empty corners that you want to fill? Beautify your house and fill the empty corners with flower vases for Holi decoration at home. When picking flower vases, looks for bright ones rather than earthy shades. Decorate these flower pots with fresh blooms. You can also do the same as Holi decoration ideas for your office. The floral fragrance and the sweet aroma give the entire space a great aura. Another Holi decoration idea is you can also hang marigolds or rose flower strings at the doors to give a chic look. 

Rangoli Designs at the Entrance

Show off your Holi decorations at home to your guests and visitors as they enter your house with exquisite rangoli designs. A colourful rangoli is one of those ideas that never go wrong but help to make the home more inviting. The guests, too, will be pleasantly surprised by your hosting skills. When choosing Holi theme decoration ideas at home for rangoli, opt for peacock rangolis or Krishna rangolis to show your best. If rangoli-making is not one of your skills, you can choose rangoli stickers as Holi outdoor decoration ideas for your home, which are available in plenty in the market. 

Colourful Dining Table

The dining room is the space where you serve your guests. Add more style to this place by hanging traditional artwork or mythological art pieces on the walls as part of Holi theme kitty party decoration at home. It can transform the ambience into a festive one instantaneously. Add beautiful decor accents like candle holders, multi-coloured vases, patterned table linen and more to the dining table. For a more artistic design in your Holi party decoration ideas, you can place Holi colours in small cups and place them on the table as Holi decoration ideas.  

Decorate the Balcony

When snacks and drinks are served, the balcony is the place where guests love to hang out. So it is essential to deck the balcony as another Holi decoration idea to keep up the festive spirit. Add painted flower pots, fresh aromatic flowers, and string lights to the balcony. Place a rug on the floor to brighten it and hang a garland of Champa, marigold or rajanigandha for a creative decorative look. You can also make paper buntings as Holi outdoor decoration ideas for the balcony

Decorate your Study Room

If you are someone who doesn’t want to ruin the living room and the expensive stuff you have in there, one solution is to use your home office. The simplest Holi decoration idea is to add artwork to the walls and a patterned area rug on the floor. To decorate the room, paper chains are easy to make, add and maintain. This Holi party decor also gives the much-needed vibrance to the space. Make it more interesting by adding pots filled with gullal. 

Snacks and Drinks

Holi is a high-energy festival, and if you are throwing a Holi party, there should be a never-ending supply of drinks and snacks. From the signature Bhaang to lip-smacking Gujiya, these can be made in large batches so that you can spend time with your guests instead of going to the kitchen every few minutes. Do not limit Holi decoration ideas to the house or outdoors; serve these snacks and drinks in fancy silverware to up your presentation quotient. 

So the above are some Holi decoration ideas indoors and outdoors that you can do when you host a party. Holi is the time to redecorate by changing the dull and regular into something colourful. These Holi theme party ideas match the festive vibe and will impress your guests and make your Holi a memorable event. Happy Holi in advance!

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