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Ugadi Decoration Ideas


The festival of Ugadi marks the first day of the Hindu Lunar calendar. Also known as Samvatsaradi (beginning of a new year), this festival is vibrantly celebrated in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. The name Ugadi or Yugadi is inspired by the Sanskrit words Yuga (age) and Adi (beginning), marking the beginning of a new age. Observed by colourful Ugadi theme decorations, exchanging gifts between family and friends, giving charity, engaging in oil massages followed by special baths, and visiting Hindu temples- this festival is abundant with rituals and practices to start the year right.  

With Ugadi just around the corner, it’s time to re-inspire your home interiors to reflect the new tidings. Here are ten different Ugadi decoration ideas to enhance the look of your home during celebrations.

Top 10 Ugadi Decoration Ideas

1. Traditional Ugadi Decoration Ideas for Entryway

No Ugadi decoration is complete without the traditional and specific décor items of fresh flowers, mango leaves, neem leaves, and a banana tree. These four items form part of Ugadi theme decorations and are used to adorn the entryway of a house. 

Fresh flowers, specifically Marigold, are used in Ugadi house decoration to represent creativity, passion, positivity, and happiness. String these orange-hued flowers neatly into garlands and hang them on the door frame to create an enticing entrance. Use mango and neem leaves to create a bit of drama in the garland, adding a pop of green colour. Mango and neem leaves are often hung at the entrance of a home, befitting the Ugadi theme decorations and are considered Sacred, attracting positive energy into one’s home.

Place a small decorative plantain tree beside the entrance to usher in the season’s festivity.

2. Wall Art

Upgrade your Ugadi decoration ideas at home this year by adding spectacular wall art at the entryway. Welcome a new year with an elegant floral design like the Wakefit Dahlia Wall Art placed on either side of the door frame. Moreover, hanging this doesn’t need professional tools and tricks- it’s light in weight and timeless in style too!

3. Brass Doorbells 

Bells are considered holy and signify good luck. Adding brass doorbells or Temple bells to the entrance décor is one of our most gorgeous Ugadi decoration ideas, as it creates a beautiful balance between aesthetics and tradition. Ring in a beautiful year with compliments for your special Ugadi decoration ideas at home as your guests visit.

4. Rangoli Designs

Indulge in some exotic and stunning designs in floor art through Rangoli or Muggulu designs. One of the most creative Ugadi decoration ideas, floor art, gives plenty of scopes to bring out your creative side! Some of Rangoli’s most popular Ugadi theme decorations include peacocks, floral patterns, Mango leaves, mesmerising geometric patterns, and many others. Draw these freehand with chalk, or if you are a novice, invest in stencils to perfect the design! A must-have when it comes to Ugadi decoration ideas at home, these rangoli designs are drawn on a clean floor and at the house’s entrance to welcome positivity, and abundance and create a sense of protection against evil. 

5. Pooja Décor

The divine Pooja is one of the most important religious practices during the Ugadi festival. Every home celebrating will have a bespoke Ugadi pooja decoration done for their dedicated prayer alter to do a pooja for the day. This year, purchase a stunning Wakefit Tyson Hanging pendant light and fix it above your altar to highlight your special Ugadi theme decorations in the pooja room. Undoubtedly one of the best Ugadi decoration ideas at home, a pendant light can instantly uplift the divine nook by highlighting all the polished idols, lamps, and the traditional steel or bronze pot with a coconut and mango leaves symbolic to Ugadi.

6. New Furniture

What better time to invest in furniture than the beginning of a new year? If you have been planning to replace old, tattered furniture with new, stylish and functional pieces– this is your sign from the Universe! Festivals are not just about decorating, but it’s also about hosting plenty guests in the form of friends, family and well-wishers who visit. Revamp the look of your home with new furniture that not only adds to the Ugadi festival decorations furor but proves to be functional too! Invest in a stylish printed Ottoman that acts as extra seating when the house is full and fits the Ugadi theme decorations with a pop of colour too!

7. Dining Table Ugadi Decoration Ideas

Festivals bring families together for dining. Upgrade your current dining area with stylish Ugadi decoration ideas that will bring in the warmth and joy of the festival. Clean and polish the dining table for a sparkle and ensure all chairs are in immaculate condition. If you have a hanging pendant light above the dining area, decorate the lamp with fresh flowers to add a touch of traditional essence. Place a large brass bowl with water and petals floating on the center of the dining table. To it, add lit tea light candles to bring in the festive feel. Implement these Ugadi decoration ideas at home easily and within budget!

8. Kitchen Revamp

Don’t restrict your Ugadi decoration ideas at home only to the rest of the house but also include the kitchen- the sacred place of creating new delicacies! 

Ugadi is the special time when families famously prepare the Ugadi Pachadi. Made from ingredients that imparts 6 specific tastes, it corresponds to each feeling that Life has to offer. The last thing you want is a dull and dreaded kitchen that looks and feels tired and doesn’t entice you into preparing this! Replace all broken items and revamp kitchen cabinetry by painting it fresh. Uplift the kitchen instantly by choosing lighter colours and keep the space clutter free.

9. Paint your Walls

Hear us out-. We are not talking about the usual whites, beiges and block colours on the walls. Instead, this year, as part of your Ugadi decoration ideas, why not use stencils of traditional motif’s that can be drawn on living room walls as a print? In the end, it not only looks like a stylish wall paper but adds to the traditional Ugadi decorations at home vibe. 

10.  Fragrances

It is a known fact that smells trigger memories. For this Ugadi, use organic incense sticks that create an aromatic atmosphere in your surroundings. Add a modern element by using aromatic candles and candle stands as part of your Ugadi decorations at home, especially at the foyer area. A delightful and refreshing smell will evoke your senses and welcome all guests with a light of warmth and a smell so divine.

Break away from the same old Ugadi house decorations and adopt these new Ugadi decoration ideas this year. Brighten up your space with the trendy Ugadi decoration ideas above that are budget friendly and can be done as a DIY too. 

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