How To Celebrate Eco-Friendly Holi

Holi is one of the most enjoyable and colourful celebrations in India. It is celebrated to commemorate the victory of God over the devil and reminds people that there is great power in goodness. There are a plethora of celebrations during Holi, some of which are not too kind to the environment. Since everyone has an obligation to save the environment, people should enjoy an eco-friendly Holi so that it is sustainable. Here are some of the ways to celebrate eco-friendly Holi.

Why is Holi Celebrated?

Before we jump to “how to celebrate eco-friendly Holi?”, it is essential to know why Holi is celebrated. Holi is an ancient festival that has been celebrated for centuries to welcome the spring season, signifying new beginnings. It symbolizes that people should give up their old bad habits and start afresh. It is also believed that during this festival, the Gods forgive and ignore mistakes, so even the most devout people can let loose and enjoy the day. They have fun, dance, and party without inhibitions and not following any cultural norms. The festival lasts two days, even if you are celebrating an eco-friendly Holi. On the first day, a bonfire is set up, and old things are burnt. It is symbolic of burning the bad and making way for something new.
The second day is the actual festival, where everyone smears vibrant coloured powder. The washing off of the colours is akin to cleansing the demons and evil within you and starting everything afresh. An eco-friendly Holi is a great way to get together as a family.

What is an Eco-Friendly Holi?

Eco-friendly Holi is celebrating the festival keeping in mind the protection and sustainability of the environment. A green Holi means that you take steps to reduce the impact of the celebrations by choosing materials and practices that help to have a great eco-friendly Holi. One can continue the tradition of commemorating this festival, but it should not impact the planet.

How to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Holi?

Some of the ways of celebrating eco-friendly Holi include the following:

Choosing Eco-friendly Holi colours

Holi is a colourful event, and smearing colours on one another is a tradition. But the colours available in the market contain chemicals that are harmful to nature as well as people. So the best way to have fun is using natural and eco-friendly Holi colors. You can make them using henna, turmeric, or Chandan and create many colour combinations using your imagination. These are easily removable and safe to use. Another eco friendly holi celebration is to put a Tilak instead of rubbing the colours all over the face.

Avoid Plastic Bags and Balloons

Holi festival means there is a party mood everywhere. It is a festival to spread joy, and hence every family is keen to host a party for their friends and relatives. Balloons are one of the items that are used for decorations, but instead, choose something natural like the flower Thorans, paper decorations, string lights, etc., for decorating your house. Also, do not use plastic bags for carrying colours, gifts, or other such items. Instead, use cloth bags to have an eco-friendly Holi.

Celebrate a Dry Holi

Pichkaris is one of the most fun things to have in a Holi celebration. But these results in water wastage and also pollute the environment. With many parts of the country facing water shortage, even if a bucket of water is saved, it is a major contribution. For an eco-friendly Holi, instead of using this, which is a waste of water and also has harmful consequences opt for a dry Holi and protect the ecosystem.

Celebrate Holi using Flowers

Holi is celebrated to welcome spring, so in many places, people decorate their houses with flowers. They also buy traditional clothes and adorn themselves with flowers. If you are organizing a party, instead of playing with colours or even eco-friendly Holi colours, you can use flowers to play. These are not harmful to the people as well as the environment as they do not have any chemicals. These flowers can be recycled or disposed of easily. Even for decorating the house, you can use beautiful flower vases with flowers that last for some time. It not only looks colourful and beautiful but also gives a fresh aroma to the place. Many people in North India celebrate eco-friendly Holi from the beginning by using flowers to play Holi.

Avoid Littering

Whether you are celebrating an eco-friendly Holi or not, it is important that you clean up after the party is over. Keep the surroundings and your neighbourhood clean by keeping and using that separate area for playing with colours. Avoid making a mess of the place, and once you are done, clean it up. Do not pollute the environment or water, as it can impact plants, animals, and surroundings.

Introduce Plants into your Holi Decorations

Plants have great value and are the best way to remove toxins and improve the air quality of your indoors. Also, they bring a connection with nature and enhance the well-being of those occupying the house. These plants serve as great decor pieces for eco-friendly Holi decoration. They add life to a dull and boring interior design and liven your home.

Eco-friendly Holi with eco-friendly lighting

Good quality lighting is a great choice when you are looking for eco-friendly Holi decorations. These also look stylish and enhance the aesthetics of the place. Pendant lights, string lights, and other lighting options that are made of LED are the most popular choice as they illuminate without causing problems. Use lamps and dimmers as it is a green-lighting.

An eco-friendly Holi celebration is done keeping in mind the festival’s spirit. It is the victory of good over evil. While following traditions is important, it is equally important to protect the environment. Celebrate an eco-friendly Holi so that you can pass on a safer environment to future generations.

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