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Republic Day is Renovation Day!

Wakefit Bed

India is commemorating its 72nd Republic Day on the 26th of January. It is a day of pride for all of us Indians. 

If there is one thing true about us, we celebrate most of our special days by cleaning our homes and decorating them. Buying new furniture, fixing old ones, getting the home prim and proper for the celebrations is the usual way we Indians honour important days. Why should it be any different on Republic Day?! We say we take it a step further, and turn the day into renovation day! 

Brand New Furniture for Republic Day 

While the Rajpath is adorned for the R-Day parade, get your home ready to watch the parade in style by getting your hands on some new furniture. 

Below are a few suggestions: 

  • A sleek bed that promises good sleep

Wakefit Bed

This Republic Day, explore stylish wooden bed designs to suit your style

A good bed is key to good sleep, which in turn is the magic potion for a great mood. The features to look for in a good bed include: 

  • Frame material 
  • Support material 
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Storage 
  • The number of compartments in case of storage  
  • Colour and texture 

Wakefit Bed 2

For instance, the Wakefit Orion Engineered Wood Bed with Storage in the picture above: 

  • Is created with engineered wood
  • Has MDF board as the support material
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Has a center shelf that splits into two compartments
  • Is the rich shade of Columbian Walnut
  • Is ergonomic 

Once you select the style and the features that suit you best, get home the bed of your dreams. 

  • A wardrobe that gives you space

The next investment to go for when purchasing new furniture for Republic Day, should be a stylish and practical wardrobe. 

Wakefit wardrobe

When picking the right wardrobe for yourself, you need to pay attention to space where you will be fitting it in. Wooden wardrobes look regal because they are robust and heavy. As a result, they tend to take up space. Therefore, it is important that you measure the space where you will be installing your new wardrobe before buying one.  

Wakefit wardrobe 3 door

The other factor is storage. You need to calculate your storage requirements before choosing the wardrobe. The Wakefit Organza 4 Door Wardrobe with middle drawer that you see above has 9 shelves, 2 big drawers, 30-inch long hanger rod with 16.5 inches (42 cm) wide hanging width. You can safely say that this wardrobe can fit in the world. 

  • A comfy couch for your family   

Wakefit Artboard

Now that the bedroom is looking good, how about shifting focus to your living room? What separates a cozy couch from a painful one are factors such as: 

  • Perfect seat depth 
  • Comfortable seat height 
  • Seat fill material & upholstery fill material 
  • Backrest and seat angle 

A sofa with foam as the seat fill material could be an ideal choice for those who enjoy couches that can adapt to your body shape while also distributing your body weight uniformly so that you don’t feel stuck. High-density foam for seat and back cushions with poly-fiber makes the Lounger sofa set a good buy.  

  • A coffee table styled for your taste 

Kent Coffee Table

An ideal coffee table should give you more storage and space without compromising on style. 

To avoid living room clutter, a coffee table with compartments dedicated to remotes, zines, books, knick-knacks, like the one in the picture makes the cut. 

coffee table

If you are planning on purchasing a wooden coffee table to match your other furniture, then be sure to dig deeper and find out what kind of wood has been used for support. A coffee table that is not sturdy is a bad investment, one that you want to avoid at all costs. 

While this new furniture is essentials, there are a plethora of other things that you can buy, such as study tables and ergonomic chairs, bookcases and wall shelves, shoe racks, and even new towels! You can leaf through some of Wakefit’s products and make your choice. 

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