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Which is the one place you spend most of your time? In your bedroom, on your bed, where you spend a few hours typing away, a couple of hours mindlessly scrolling on the internet, sometimes you end up lying on the bed as you binge-watch an eight-hour-long series and eventually fall asleep.

Have you ever wondered if your mattress is the cause of your back pain if your mattress is the best Indian mattress for back pain?

When a person suffers from lower back pain symptoms due to physical straining or heavy lifting, it is quite easy to be diagnosed and start with the treatment, but what if the mattress is causing you trouble?

You may not be sleeping on a comfortable mattress despite adapting to the correct sleeping position. Here the problem simply lies on your mattress.

The Curious Case
Of Back Pains
And How Common
They Are

Lower back pain is one of the main reasons people start to lose agility and mobility from early on in life. When we complain of rigorous lower back pain, symptoms like dull aching instead of stinging sharp pain during the pandemic, from sitting on the bed and working from home all day, we had to consult with orthopaedics.

As per research by The Hindu BusinessLine, back pain is not only common in old people, but also in young adults. The age group of 16-34 make up for 20% of people with back pain wherein 45% of them neglect the pain for the first 7 weeks which results in delayed treatment. Moreover, people sleep in various positions unbeknownst to the correct sleeping position considering how one-third of our lives are spent lying on the bed.

Home Remedies for Backaches

Continuous strenuous work at the table all the while looking at screens is difficult for the body. We weren’t made for this. However, you can soothe such problems with the help of these reliable home remedies for backache problems.

Moreover, they act as a good remedy for stiff back and allows lower back pain relief along with your upper back pain relief. Some home remedies to cure backache include doing back-strengthening stretches, yoga asanas, sleeping on your stomach, and more.

hot cold

Hot or cold treatment

sleeping on stomach

Sleep on your stomach


Yoga asanas

lower back

Stretching exercises for lower back pain


Sleeping on a hard mattress

All of these are temporary instant back pain relief methods. However, most people do not realise that absence of a good night’s sleep can also be the reason for your back pain.

Choosing a good mattress is essential for relaxed sleep as our health depends on it. Less tossing and turning and more relaxed sleep determines how one functions the next day.

Crafted to make your spine feel free and at ease, Wakefit’s Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress for back pain is the best Indian mattress for back pain at an affordable price. It has a high resilience foam that comes along with a removable zippered external cover.

With this, you might even have healthy polyphasic sleep schedules! While soft mattresses can result in lower back pain, Wakefit’s Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress for back pain is a medium-firm that will provide support and stability for your spinal cord during the night. It is very beneficial that you give your body the rest it deserves after the stress you go through on a daily basis.

Despite its omnipresence, restless sleep and severe lower back pain are greatly neglected. During a cross-sectional study in the Northern states of India, Lower Back Pain symptoms ranked first to cause disability. For strengthening your back, an orthopaedic mattress will help in correcting posture and restoring spinal alignment.

Quality Of Sleep
And Back Pain -
Are They Related?

Lower back pain can range from an aching muscle to a sharp stabbing sensation. In most cases, the pain travels from upper back pain to lower back pain to the leg and worsens the situation, making it difficult to bend, walk, or stand.

The main causes of back pain are

  • One of the main causes could be spine-related. Caused by wear and tear, sometimes the soft tissues in the discs between your joints come out and cause herniated or slipped discs.
  • Back pain most often occurs due to muscle or ligament strain and bulging or ruptured disks.
  • Sprains, strains and spasms can also be the cause of severe lower back pain.
  • Stress can also lead to muscle tension.

Reasons for Back Pain

Most people ignore that backache can appear even due to poor lifestyle choices. Practises that trigger back pain are habitual slouching, smoking, wrong sleeping posture, etc. Here are a few more reasons why you may have back pain.







heavy lifting

Lifting heavy objects

poor mattress

Poor mattress quality

Mattresses play a big part in enhancing our sleep quality. Constantly sleeping on the wrong mattress can aggravate the pain by causing the spine to lose its natural alignment. It strains the muscle resulting in pain and a stiff back.

Here are your cure for lower back pain and get back to normal lifestyle. You need to make sure your body is resting on a reliable mattress that understands the back support you need. If the first thing you experience is backache as soon as you wake up, you may want to switch to the correct sleeping position and check your mattress.

There are some of the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers that you can select from. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress is one of the best Indian mattress for back pain because of its medium soft and medium firm on opposite sides with 7 pressure zones and high resilience foam. There are eight risk factors that can aggravate the chances of developing lower back pain.

  • Old age is the top reason. In most cases, As you grow old, you develop back pain.
  • Fitness being the second depending on your body type, obesity and malnutrition make your abdominal muscles weak which creates a lack of support for the spine.
  • Pregnant women and the changes in their pelvic area caused by weight gain can cause severe lower back pain. Some of these women endure the pain long after the child is born.
  • Sometimes back pain can also be genetic. Inherited from the family.
  • Manual labour jobs like heavy lifting and bending down for a long time can also be a risk factor.

Sleeping in the wrong position is a risk factor for stiff back in the morning. Despite being in a deep slumber, people are unaware of how their bodies toss and turn in the night. In fact, some of the most frequent postures and locomotions in our lifetime are those adapted during sleep.

This proves how sleeping components such as beds, mattresses, and pillow cushions should be considered important environmental components. Not opting for a good sleeping posture can result in severe lower back pain, upper back pain, and stiff back in the morning.

Hence, health is wealth and it is essential to invest in the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers.

The Correct Sleeping Positions to Reduce Back Pain

Back pain results in a poor lifestyle and posture. However, you can treat this if you focus on a few things like maintaining a good sleeping posture. This is the first and foremost step you can take as these are easier. A few correct sleeping position include sleeping on your back, side and on your stomach.

sleeping on back

Sleeping on your back

When you sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees. It will help your lower back to maintain its normal curve.

sleeping ur side

Sleeping on your side

When you sleep on your side, you are taking the strain off your back. Always support your neck with a pillow.

sleep on stomach

Sleep on your stomach

If your body refuses to sleep any other way besides sleeping on your stomach, then make sure you keep a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen.

It is important to rectify the problem with your mattress before it causes irreparable damage. If you continue to sleep on a hard mattress, it will cause stiffness to your back which sooner or later will result in severe back pain.

The cure for lower back pain isn’t only in sitting smart or standing smart but it is also in sleeping smart. You can choose from the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers and retrieve your health.

Also, these ones will provide lower back pain relief and bring upper back pain relief. Gone are the days when you had to tread store by store looking for comfortable mattresses.

In today’s world, where everything is digital, you can look upon the internet for anything, from cupcake recipes to the finding the best Indian mattress for back pain. Better yet, you can compare your options at Wakefit’s official website and choose from a range of best Indian mattresses for back pain.

You can also customise the size of the mattress according to your bed, or you can buy a Wakefit Andromeda Storage Bed that comes with a storage facility. It is a simple DIY assembly process with a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

A Good Mattress For
Back Pain Is An
Investment For Health -
What To Consider
Before Buying One?

Quality sleep depends on only a couple for factors: correct sleeping position and a good mattress for back pain. Hence, it is imperative to invest in a quality product that caters to your health. So, read on to understand the different types of mattresses for back pain:

best mattress for back pain

Soft Mattress

Sometimes your mattress is too soft that it eats you up. When you sink into your mattress, your spine is unable to maintain its neutral position which will eventually ensue severe lower back pain. A good mattress for back pain is not at all soft as it is has an ergonomic design to provide the best support for your back.

Pillows are another essential to achieve the correct sleeping position. Wakefit’s fluffy and medium-firm Sleeping Pillow comes with quite a unique feature. You can adjust the pillow’s height according to your liking by removing its hollow fibre fill.

best mattress for back pain

Hard Mattress for Back Pain

A mattress that is too firm is a poor choice for people of any age experiencing a stiff back. A medium-firm mattress like Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress will support the natural curves of the human body.

An overly soft mattress will fail to support the body properly. If you continue to sleep on a soft mattress despite alarming lower back pain symptoms, it will aggravate the pain.

aged matress

Aged Mattress

An aged mattress can cause stiff back in the morning. As your bone density changes, as you put on or lose weight and as you age, so does your mattress. Sleep experts advise changing the mattress every 7 years, but Wakefit’s Latex Mattress guarantees 10 years of durability. Thus, a good mattress for back pain also includes longevity along with comfort.

Toss your old mattress out for this medium-firm and bouncy mattress. The cover material is a premium quality high GSM spun knitted fabric.

Latex mattresses are becoming highly popular for their comfort and durability. It can even be the remedy for stiff back. Lower back pain is one of the main reasons people start to lose agility and mobility from early on in They also help in enhancing your sleep health.

There is always an ongoing debate on which is the ideal mattress that reduces back pain – is it the soft or the hard one. It is always better to choose the mattress according to your:

  • Weight
  • Body shape
  • Age

If you are someone in your old age, a firm mattress will be suitable unless you are facing lower back pain issues. In that case, it is safer to opt for a medium-firm mattress. With the right mattress, you can actually be more productive with smart tips for working from home effectively.

Your back pain craves the company of a good mattress. See what we got.

Ways To Choose
The Best Mattress For
Back Pain - Cushioned Back,
Comfortable Sleep

By now, you are likely to realize how significant it is to choose from types of mattresses for back pain that plays in getting a relaxed, comfortable sleep. A good bed mattress for back pain should provide the perfect firmness. And so does a good book.
You can find the best book to read to improve sleep as your mind becomes busier and tired at night.

Too firm

Try sleeping on a hard surface like a granite floor or a plank of wood to know what it’s like to sleep on the highest level of firmness.

Too soft

If you sleep on a huge pink cotton candy that would explain the lowest level of firmness. If your mattress is too firm you can add mattress padding to make it softer.

A medium-firm mattress is better for your back and for a relaxed sleep. Before you buy a mattress, make sure you educate yourself with the most common types and what foam and quality they are made up of keeping in mind that medical issues also come into consideration while choosing a good mattress that reduces back pain. The construction of a mattress is the first thing you need to know.

Five Types of Mattresses for Back Pain

There are specific types of mattresses for back pain that you should know about before making a purchase. Not every mattress is good for you. Some are soft while some are too firm. But it’s difficult to know the type of mattress. So, here are the five different types of mattress to reduce back pain.



It has coils for a bouncy feed and strong support.

latex mattress

Latex Mattress

It is bouncier and more responsive than Innerspring.

memory fit

Memory Foam

It was first a patent designed by NASA. It is soft and flexible.


Hybrid Mattress

One of the types of mattresses for back pain is the Hybrid one. It’s a mix of all. It provides softness and support.


Air Mattress

For a mattress like this, you need to pump it according to your desired level of firmness.

The cover material used in mattress construction is the mattress ticking, a term to describe mattress covering fabric. They also complement the aesthetic of modern room designs thanks to its looks and comfort.

There are four classes of fibre in mattress ticking

  • Stitchbond is the cheapest quality of fabric used in a mattress. It is rough to touch and it is used on budget-friendly mattresses. It is not the best mattress choice for back pain as it limits the body’s movements when for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Damask will be seen on the majority of the mattresses. It is soft, breathable and gives the sleeper the highest level of comfort.
  • Knits. Made of polyester synthetic blend, Knits is mainly used as a covering for latex or memory foam mattresses.
  • Specials. Sold as wonder fabrics, Specials is a high-end product.

The final component of a mattress is its fabric. The fabric is used to encase everything.

There are five different types of mattress fabric

  • Bamboo: When you sweat while sleeping on a bamboo fabric mattress, it won’t get wet.
  • Organic cotton is eco friendly and it is always soft and highly resilient.
  • Tencel is lightweight and a great moisture absorber. It is perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Modal is a type of rayon cloth, easy to clean as it is washable.
  • Silk is the strongest natural fibre in the world. It is considered to be a natural anti-ageing product in the bedding industry.

Once you know which mattress is the best for back pain and which bed will be apt for supporting it, take a look at which bedding will be perfect according to your taste.

Wakefit Waterproof Mattress Protector is soft and machine washable. It helps in safeguarding the mattress from any kind of spill or leakage. For optimum comfort, buy Wakefit siliconised Micropeach Reversible Comforter. It is 100% cotton, hypoallergenic, reversible and can be used on both sides.

There are various advertising tactics salespeople use to lure you into buying a mattress. One of the most misleading things they tell you is that every mattress available on their website and shop is a fresh product.

To save yourself from buying an old item, ask the salesperson for the details of its warranty and manufacturing period. See if they are ready to give you one year of replacement time. Know your needs about which fabric or which type of mattress will be suitable for your age, body and size.

If you are buying it online, make sure you read all the related blogs and compare the mattresses and its prices from not one but multiple websites, hence it will help you to buy the best Indian mattress for back pain.

Always choose the value and comfort of a mattress over price. Because if you buy a relatively cheap mattress, it will be made up of cheap fabric and provide discomfort to the spine. No matter the correct sleeping position or no amount of home remedies for back
pain will aid in relieving the pain then.

Tips To Avoid Back
Pain In The Long Run
After Choosing The
Right Mattress

If you are waking up with a stiff back in the morning, you are not sleeping in the correct position. It means that you need to adopt a good sleeping posture.

Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees will help in keeping your hips, pelvis and knees in a better alignment. Also, if you sleep on your stomach sometimes it can help relax your back a little. You can sleep on your side in a fetal position if you have a herniated disc.

If you are experiencing increased pain while getting in and out of bed, you should move your body in a way that requires less twisting of the muscles and spine. Here are a few tips to avoid back pain in the long run:

  • First, sit down on the bed while leaving enough space between your hips and pillow.
  • Support your body with body hands as you lean your head on the pillow.
  • While sleeping, always keep your nose, toes and knees pointed in the same direction.
  • Never get out of bed as soon as you wake up.
  • Take deep breaths and do some stretching.
  • Bend your knees, pull your abdomen and roll onto your side.
  • Move your nose, hips and shoulders at the same time.
  • Once you are sitting on the bed, take a moment or two to rest.
  • Then bend forward from the hip joints while keeping your back straight.
  • Straighten your legs as you stand on the floor.

The most essential thing to keep in mind is your sleep schedule. Make it your top priority. Aim to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, and no matter which position you choose to sleep in, alignment is what matters the most.

Keeping your spine in alignment is the remedy for stiff back. Find the right pillow for neck pain and back ache to fill the gaps. For people who sleep on the back, place a thinner pillow on your abdomen. Firm pillows are the best for side sleepers. If you do not have an extra pillow to place between your knees, you can roll a towel and use it as a substitute.

It is advised to change your pillow every 18 months or so. One of the ways to fall asleep faster is by stretching before sleep. Stretching exercises for lower back will not only ease your pain but also help you rest more comfortably. A minimum of 30 minutes is sufficient for stretching before bed.

Try the Basic Stretches before Sleep

bear hug

Bear hugs

neck stretch

Neck stretches

leg on the wall

Legs up the wall

child pose

Child’s pose

These stretches before sleep will help you reduce back pain significantly if done everyday. Also, the exercises are easy and allows you to stick to the routine regularly. When you make them a habit, you will realise that your backache has reduced significantly.

Level Up with Strenuous Stretching

Once you get the hang of the basic stretches, let’s level up with strenuous exercises now. These help your body muscles to push the boundaries. Thereby, they make your body stronger and more agile. Try these exercises that cure back pain:

cat cow


low lunge


kneeling lat

Kneeling cat stretch

Follow the same in the morning and begin your day energized and all set for a day’s work that lies ahead.

If you are someone who believes in frequent hot or cold pack massages, you need to know what is the adequate temperature to relieve lower back pain. Cold treatment, for recent injuries, reduces inflammation by decreasing blood flow and heat treatment on an inflamed area promotes blood flow while helping your muscles relax.

Moreover, applying extreme heat or rubbing ice directly on the skin is not advisable. A chiropractic treatment will also be beneficial if the pain refuses to subside. Before going for an extreme alternative like surgery, visit a chiropractor and see if the pain can be treated by chiropractic care. Yoga, acupuncture and Tai Chi also come under it.

Back Pain during pregnancy

One of the common complaints during pregnancy is back pain and it is not a surprise. lower back pain during early pregnancy or even before delivery is because you will be gaining weight due to which the centre of gravity changes and your hormones are haywire and which results in aches and pains in the pelvis. But all is not last as there are various ways to ease this pain during pregnancy. Here are some of the ways to prevent it.

Follow good posture

Once the baby starts growing big in the stomach, there are changes in your centre of gravity and shifts forward. To compensate for that you tend to lean back and that strains the lower back muscles contributing to pain. To prevent this compensation you should follow a good posture by standing straight, holding the chest high, keeping the shoulders relaxed and straight, and not locking the knees. While standing used a wide stance and if you must stand for long periods, rest a foot on a step stool and take frequent breaks. While sitting, choose a chair that is ergonomic and place a small pillow for your lower back.

Use the right shoes

Wear shoes that offer proper arch support. Avoid high and flat heels and instead wear low-heeled ones.

Lift right

While it is recommended that you do not lift heavy objects, even when you are lifting a small item, squat and lift with your legs and not your back.

Sleep on the side

Do not sleep on the back instead sleep on your sides. Keep both knees bent and consider using support pillows between them. You can also place pillows behind the back or under the stomach. Sleep on a back pain relief bed that is supportive and contours to the shape of the body.

Include exercise

Regular exercise can make your back strong and also reduce pain during pregnancy. You can do gentle stretches and exercises like walking to stretch your back.

Consider back pain therapies

You can do a cold or hot massage by applying an ice pack or a heating pad. Acupuncture might also give relief to back pain during pregnancy.

Let’s make good health a priority. Get a Wakefit mattress today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain

All of us have different sleeping preferences which make it difficult to find a comfortable mattress that not only is in good sleep but also won’t cause back pain. Look for one that is neither. If the mattress is too firm, it will be difficult to fall asleep. A very soft mattress will suck you in and cause lower back pain. Hence, choose the one that has medium firmness.

Yes, absolutely. If you fall asleep feeling ecstatic despite less tossing and turning and you still wake up with severe aching, then your mattress is to be blamed.

When choosing a comfortable mattress that also understands you, make sure to go ahead with a few things to consider. As the mattresses age, they lose their shape and they will begin to sag. An old mattress and lower back pain go hand in hand.

  • Do not choose a soft mattress as it lacks the support your back needs while you sleep,
  • Avoid sleeping on a too firm mattress as it becomes difficult for aged people,
  • Choose a medium firm mattress that doesn’t let you have a stiff back in the morning. It allows your back to ensure the natural curves along with providing support.

You can also choose from quality mattress types that are designed to maintain your back health.

Back pain is not a small problem, if you do not get it checked at the earliest, you will have to face many sleepless nights. Follow the correct sleeping position and avoid back pain during sleep.

  • Use pillows to keep your body aligned.
  • Do back-strengthening exercises regularly.
  • Maintain the right posture while both sitting or standing.
  • Do stretching before sleep.
  • Use a proper mattress that’s ergonomically made.

You can choose from the best mattress for lower back pain sufferers as it understands your sleep postures.

Here are some good sleeping posture as a cure for lower back pain:

  • Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees.
  • Sleeping on your back with a pillow to support your neck.
  • Sleeping on your stomach with a pillow on your abdomen,

are the three best sleeping positions to avoid back pain. You can also know more about which side is best to sleep for better results.

Yes. The best mattress that reduces for back pain is always a high-quality mattress that provides support for your spine and promotes alignment resulting in alleviated back pain and helps you get a relaxed and more comfortable sleep. You can look at orthopaedic memory foam mattress as it’s one of the best picks.

Here’s how you know that whether or not your mattress is causing the back pain:

  • You have stiff back in the morning,
  • You keep tossing and turning,
  • You feeling you are sinking into your mattress,
  • You keep waking up at night and have restless sleep,
  • Your mattress does not feel comfortable after a while,
  • You feel the spring of your mattress,
  • If your back is hurting more than usual.

For the longest time, very firm mattresses were recommended by specialists and doctors for lower back pain. However recent findings revealed that a majority of people felt that an extremely firm mattress did not help. A very soft mattress can also be problematic. Hence, a medium firm mattress works better for those with lower back pain!

A medium-firm mattress is the most recommended for lower back pain. But having said that consider your body type, preferred sleeping position, and whether you share a bed with your partner while choosing the firmness that is best for you.

Lying on the side in the fetal position, or in a reclined position, sleeping on the side with a pillow between the knees, sleeping on the stomach with a pillow under the abdomen, or lying flat on the back with a pillow under the knee will help relieve back pain.

A firm or a medium-firm mattress is the best for back pain.

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