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Is Sheesham Wood Good For Furniture? Find out!

Sheesham wood

Are you wondering what Sheesham wood is? Sheesham wood is obtained from a tree which is known by various names, like Indian rosewood tree, Dalbergia Sissoo tree, Penny leaf tree, and so on. It grows locally in India as well as in the sub-Himalayan region. The most peculiar quality of this wood is that no two pieces ever resemble each other, in terms of looks. So you can finally stop wondering what Sheesham wood is. Did you know that Sheesham and teak furniture top the list of most preferred wooden furniture? Wood from the Sheesham tree is durable and pliable, making it a great option for making long-lasting furniture in any design you prefer. In fact, Sheesham wood beds last longer than beds made from other types of wood.

Another interesting thing about Sheesham is that it is classified as a hardwood. Hardwood can be defined as wood that comes from dicot trees. These trees are often found in tropical forests. Hardwood trees often grow at a slower pace than softwood trees and are also a lot bigger in size. Hardwood trees are considerably stronger than softwood trees because of the lignin lining in their xylem vessels. Although hardwood trees are strong, they are also durable. Hardwood trees have several additional properties like resistance to fire, does not split easily, and so on. Sheesham wood is a great example of hardwood.

Sheesham wood

What Is Sheesham Wood: Salient Features of Sheesham Wood

The salient features of Sheesham hardwood can be categorized under the following heads:


  • The colour of Sheesham hardwood varies from golden to deep reddish-brown.
  • It consists of natural wood markings, visible as dark streaks.
  • It contains interlocked grains, making it extremely tough and durable. 


  • Sheesham wood or Indian rosewood works well with all kinds of finishing, glues, and machinery. And hence, it is always in high demand and is much preferred for furniture-making especially for making Sheesham wood beds.
  • Sheesham is popularly used for wood carvings as well because of its pliability. When designing solid wood furniture the choice is often a Sheesham wood bed.


  • Sheesham hardwood from Indian rosewood trees is extremely resistant to dry-wood termites.
  • Because of the toughness and hard texture of Sheesham or rosewood. It does not slip or warp, making it the perfect choice for cabinets.
  • Sheesham wood furniture is highly resistant to natural decay. However, it is susceptible to wood-boring beetles, and hence, should be checked from time to time.

With so many benefits, it is no wonder more and more people prefer hardwood Sheesham wood furniture over other types of furniture.

Taking Care of your Sheesham Wood Furniture

Although Sheesham wood is known for its strength, durability, and resistance against mites, certain tips can be followed to maintain and take care of your rosewood or Sheesham wood furniture; so they last for a lifetime.

  • Sheesham wood furniture should never be exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Furniture made out of Sheesham wood or Indian rosewood like a Sheesham wood bed should not be kept close to fireplaces or under direct sunlight.
  • Use heatproof mats and coasters before bringing it into contact with hot substances to avoid marks on the surface of the wood furniture top.
  • To avoid scratches or scrapes on your rosewood or Sheesham wood furniture, always use a soft covering before directly placing ornaments or any sharp objects on it.
  • Dust your rosewood or Sheesham wood bed and other Sheesham hardwood furniture regularly to avoid dirt from settling in its nooks and crannies of the wood.
  • Get your Sheesham hardwood furniture polished regularly; maybe thrice a year at least, to maintain its look, finish, and appeal.

Comparing Prices of Sheesham Wood Furniture with other Wood-Types 

Sheesham wood is one the best woods for furniture; not just for its durability, easy-care solutions, and resistance from termites, but also because it is light on the budget as compared to solid wood or teak wood. If you compare the price of a Sheesham wood Bed and any other type of bed made from wood, you will no longer need to think twice before clicking buy!

With no extra expenses required for maintenance, Sheesham wood furniture is highly cost-efficient. Sheesham hardwood or Indian rosewood is also less cumbersome when compared to annual maintenance charges required for furniture made out of other wood types.

Sheesham furniture also goes well with any room décor style, making it a popular choice for interior decorators and homeowners. Sheesham wood furniture is resistant to wear and tear often caused by young kids or pets to furniture made from wood. Because of this feature, any kind of Sheesham furniture is a valuable addition to any home. 

Wrapping Up What Is Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood or Indian rosewood is highly flexible to work with, being pliable to all kinds of finishes, and hence, is used as the go-to wood for furniture making. It renders a smooth finish and lustre to anything created out of it. Because of its wealth of features, Sheesham wood is the most preferred choice for almost all wood projects. A Sheesham wood bed adds elegance and class to any bedroom without any effort. It is time to give your home an upgrade, stop thinking about what is Sheesham wood, and invest in some top-quality Sheesham wood furniture.

Once you realize what is Sheesham wood and the many benefits offered by this hardwood, you will no longer consider other types of furniture. Sheesham hardwood or Indian rosewood is pliable, yet durable. This allows it to be used to create any customized designs as per your taste. If you want to have unique furniture in your home, Sheesham hardwood or Indian rosewood is your go-to wood. You can also find several well-built Sheesham hardwood furniture online. These rosewood hardwood designs are often sleek with straight-cut designs that complement any room décor. Sheesham furniture seamlessly integrates with your room décor style. Interior designers often recommend opting for Sheesham wooden furniture because of this unique ability.

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