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5 Reasons Why Sheesham Wood Is Best For Double Beds

sheesham wood bed

 It is always a dilemma to decide upon the right alternative when it comes to choosing the right Sheesham wood bed for your furniture, including a double bed. The designs and styles of every wood type differ from each other quite a bit. And even though longevity and durability are the prime factors that need to be considered in this respect, there are many other factors that affect one’s choice.

In the furniture industry, in India and globally, Sheesham wood makes for an excellent choice for making double beds. It is not only the most sought-after woods but the sheesham wood bed is also popular for a variety of reasons.

Wakefit, an online mattress and furniture portal, tries to explain and understand the advantages of using Sheesham wood for bed-making over other available alternatives in the market.

sheesham wood bed

Why Sheesham Wood Bed Is the Best

  • Durability

The durability of a piece of furniture depends largely on the type of wood used in its making. The sheesham wood bed is considered a highly durable bed as the sheesham wood used is highly durable. Sheesham wood is decay-resistant, and hence, earns great applause with respect to the durability of the furniture. It is durable to all weather conditions, and hence, sheesham wood bed is preferred as one of the best choices for making double beds. Also if you are looking for additional storage options then a wooden bed with storage made from this wood is an ideal choice for its durability. A Sheesham wood bed with storage is durable as it can withstand the weight of the things that you pack in the storage units.  

  • Longevity

Sheesham wood lasts long, and double beds made out of them can be passed on to generations without much worry. This type of wood is naturally resistant to dry termite attacks and is anti-bacterial, which adds to its longevity. So once you invest in a sheesham wood bed you can forget about buying a bed for many years. Many manufacturers are using this wood for making a wooden bed with storage. Due to its longevity, the sheesham wood bed with storage can be used as multifunctional furniture for a long time. Additionally, the sheesham wood bed design is such that the design can last generations.

  • Available in Diverse Shades

When designing and/or building a double bed, you might want a distinctive colour and certain design specifications. Sheesham wood is available in various natural shades, which render a very appealing look to furniture pieces made out of it. That is the reason you find sheesham wood bed design more attractive than others.

It comes in a plethora of varieties and in vivid shades. The sheesham wood bed gets a premium look from the natural grains in the Sheesham wood, ranging from the plain withered finish to a dry redwood shade. If you are buying a wooden bed with storage then go for the sheesham wooden bed with storage as it comes in many shades which matches the aesthetics of your space. Having a variety of shades to choose from also enhances your wood bed design.

  • Best Carving Alternative

Some of the best bed designs can be found on a Sheesham wood bed as this wood is the best hardwood for carving. It is hard and has a medium-coarse texture, making it the best ingredient for carving and engraving designs. Sheesham wood bed design is enhanced as it never warps, bends, or splits during the carving process. So makers can make exquisite carvings on the Sheesham wood bed with many hassles. If a wooden bed with storage is your choice then there is no need to sacrifice on design as there are different Sheesham wooden beds with storage and great designs. Browse our website for some mind-boggling Sheesham wood bed designs.

  • Economical Option

A Sheesham wood bed, undoubtedly, makes for the most durable and aesthetic piece of furniture that is due to the specialty of Sheesham wood. But its popularity is not just limited to these factors. It also works out to be the most economical option despite it having a good wood bed design. It does not require any special maintenance or care concerns, and can easily be cleaned by simply wiping with a dry cotton cloth. Even a wooden bed with storage is economical.wood bed with storage with multiple storage options is a multifunctional unit that saves you money on having a separate storage solution. 

Closing Thoughts

To sum it up, Sheesham wood is the most versatile and enticing option for making double beds or any other furniture article that includes sheesham wood bed with storage. Its fundamental attribute makes it withstand extreme weather conditions and is a proven choice for making both contemporary as well as traditional furniture pieces of all categories. Added to it is the exquisite sheesham wood bed design due to its no split or warp property. No wonder a Sheesham wood bed with storage is a popular choice among buyers and makers alike!.

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