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Does your sleep position affect your health?

We all sleep in different sleeping positions. While some of us prefer the side sleeping position, there are others who either sleep on their backs or on their stomachs. Some people even mix sleep, where they change their sleeping position throughout their sleep. While we know this, what might come as a surprise for you is that not all sleep postures are good for health. Which is a good sleep posture? We will find out in today’s post. 

Before we get into the best sleeping position for good health, allow us to let you in on what happens when you sleep in the wrong posture. A bad sleep posture can cause havoc on your spinal health, your back, and consequently, your posture. If you already have back pain, then sleeping in that posture will only further aggravate your situation. The same is true for your neck. If you are suffering from neck strain or stiffness, then sleeping in an unhealthy position will worsen the condition. Therefore, it is crucial to find out which sleeping position is the best for you. 

Various sleeping positions and their advantages:  

The back sleeping position, sleep experts suggest, is one of the best postures to sleep in. What makes it healthy is the natural alignment of the spine. It allows the head, the neck, and the spine to relax completely in their natural position. As a result, no pressure is created in these points, thus giving you a relaxing sleep while also improving your posture over time. Sleeping on your back, however, can worsen your snoring, and is not recommended for people who suffer from sleep apnea. A smart solution would be to use a memory foam pillow when sleeping on your back. It will lift your head slightly to help avoid snores or breathlessness during sleep. You can purchase this pillow here

Side sleepers have an advantage over back sleepers when it comes to fighting the acid reflux and snores. But if you don’t keep your torso and your legs straight, then your spine and back might suffer. Also, sleeping on your side is known to cause wrinkles and other premature signs of aging. 

The most popular sleep position is the fetal position. While sleeping this way on your left side is good when you are expecting, the sleeping position can cause difficulty in breathing by pressuring your diaphragm. It, however, prevents snoring and enhances blood circulation. 

Sleeping on the stomach is one of the worst ways of sleeping, according to sleep experts. Though it prevents snoring, it can cause pain in your back and neck, and ruin your posture too. 
Since all sleeping positions have their pros and cons, the best way to ensure you have a good quality sleep is to invest in a good mattress. Our Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress accommodates all sleeping positions and gives them the same benefits of body contouring, natural spine alignment, hypoallergenic features, motion isolation, and temperature neutrality. You can buy our Ortho mattress here.

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