Superstar of the month

Wakefit Superstar of the month

If you’ve got something on your mind to make Wakefit better, we’re all ears. Simple take a simple survey and stand a chance to become Wakefit Superstar!

Write to us about how we could make our company better. Tell us what you think we can change and we’ll mull over that too! In return, your idea gets featured on our social pages and our website!

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How to participate:

Log on to and wait for 10 seconds till the survey pops up on your screen.
Fill out your answers, hit submit and wait to win!

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Terms and Conditions:

This campaign titled “Wakefit Superstar of the month” is subject to the following terms & conditions (“TnC”), which may be updated by Wakefit from time to time without any prior notice to the Participant (as defined below). If the Participant does not agree with these TnC, Participant is requested not to participate in the Campaign. Participation in the Campaign shall be deemed as the acceptance of the TnC by the Participant.

a. “Campaign” means this campaign titled as “Wakefit Superstar of the month”
b. “Participant” shall mean the user, who is eligible to participate in the Campaign and chooses to participate in the Campaign.
c. “Winner” shall mean the Participant who is declared as winner of the Campaign as per the terms listed below.

To participate in the Campaign, the Participant has to go to, scroll for 10 seconds for the survey form to pop up. Participants have to register with us at the survey with the following details: Name, Contact Number, Email id, etc.

Campaign details:
a. This survey will select a winner on the basis of the best idea given by the participants in a month.
b. A month will be considered from 22nd to 22nd. For example, the winner of July month will be considered from the pool of participants who have registered from 22nd of June to 22nd of July.
c. The winner will be decided by a dedicated team from Wakefit.
d. Results for each month will be declared after 15 working days after the end date of the considered month. Wakefit reserves the right to change the time duration of the Campaign and the date of announcement of the prizes and winners.
e. Wakefit reserved the right to pause or stop this campaign at any given point of time without beforehand notification.
f. For 11 months, every month a ‘Winner of the Month’ will be awarded the title of “Wakefit Superstar of the month”. The winner’s idea will be shared by Wakefit across all our social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
g. The winner shall be informed about his selection through email /callback. The results will also be displayed in the leader-board section on this Campaign page. Wakefit reserves the right of changing the notification mechanisms to the user.
h. The decision of Wakefit in respect of all winners under this Campaign shall be final and binding and no communication in this regard shall be entertained.

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