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We have been hearing this since we were little – try waking up early and the world is yours!

Is it really true? Let us find out.

The challenge

Going to bed at a reasonable time and waking up early has become a very daring pursuit for us today. The stress is such that our routines are erratic, and therefore, our bodily functions respond likewise. Moreover, with mobile phones and other digital devices becoming necessities today, disconnecting and unplugging is a herculean task. We go to bed late and have to drag ourselves out in the morning.

So why should one try to achieve such a mammoth feat of sleeping early and waking up early? Because of its benefits!

Benefits of waking up early

  1. It gives you more time to do the things you love.

Do you love exercising? Is walking in nature your idea of fun? Are you into poetry but haven’t written a single line in years?

By waking up early, you can give yourself that “extra time” you are always looking to do the things you are fond of.

If nothing, you can just watch the sunrise, hear the birds, smell some flowers, take time to drink your tea and eat a royal breakfast, and have a long warm bath in the morning to start your day in your best mood.

  1. It is healthy for your skin.

Sleeping well at night allows your body to repair the skin. As a result, getting uninterrupted sleep and waking up early will help your skin rejuvenate itself and get back its natural glow.

By waking up early, hydrating yourself properly and working out, you allow proper blood circulation in your body which to improves the health of your skin.

  1. It enhances your concentration.

By converting into an early riser, you can expect to improve your concentration. Your focus on the tasks at hand and at the present moment will be bettered.

To enhance it further, you might want to consider meditating first thing in the morning. Just 20 minutes can work wonders.

  1. It increases your productivity

Sleeping early, getting a goodnight’s sleep, and waking up early, leads to greater productivity.

Have you heard of the 5 am club? It was a concept developed by leadership and performance expert, Robin Sharma, more than 20 years ago. His insights are available in the form of a book. According to him, one of the surefire ways of achieving professional success is by joining the 5 am club, that is, waking up early.

When you wake up with the sun, you have more time in hand to focus on important things. You can sort out your tasks and prioritize more efficiently since your mind is fresh and functioning at its best. You are more likely to make better decisions in such a state of mind. Also, your energy levels tend to be way higher when you wake up early, which directly affects your productivity and performance.

There are numerous benefits of waking up early. Best way to test these benefits out? By setting the alarm an hour before you usually wake up, and noting your performance at the end of the week. So are you game?

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